Charmed Wolf(12)

By: Lia Davis

As her pleasure built, so did her magic. When she slowed the tempo, worried she’d lose control, Cooper flipped them once more so he was on top. He cupped her face, forcing her to meet his concerned stare. “Don’t fight it.”

She didn’t have time to respond before he thrust inside her and bit her neck. She cried out, scoring his back with her nails and tightening her legs around him. Pain from the bite turned to dizzying pleasure that flowed through her like liquid heat.

Cooper’s body jerked, and his muscles tightened under her hands, then he roared in release. A moment later, Dana screamed as the orgasm slammed into her. Her control over her magic slipped. A flash of power blasted through the room.

She squeezed her eyes shut and waited. The thump, thump of his heartbeat made her relax. “Cooper?”

“I’m fine. In fact, that was amazing.”

Yeah, it was. Up until she’d almost killed him. She pushed against his chest. When he rolled off her, she got out of bed. She reached the bedroom door and said, “That will not happen again.” Then she rushed to the bathroom and shut herself in.


Dana exited the cabin and inhaled the cool morning air. Her body hummed from the power mounting inside her. Sex with Cooper had only amplified things. Surges of electrical currents made her skin tighten, and her nerves twitch. She felt as if she’d explode at any moment.


What did it all mean? Was she going insane? Or worse. Rogue?

She’d left Cooper asleep in her bed and fought the urge to turn around and use the male to expend some more energy. However, after the amount of power she’d released in the room last night, she feared that next time, she would hurt him—or both of them. So she needed to get away. Hence the walk with no destination in mind.

A few yards into the thick trees of the forest, she caught a scent that was familiar and frightening. The slight notes of sage mixed with a spicy earth fragrance stopped her in her tracks. She scanned the area but didn’t pick up on anyone there. But someone had been there.

Ross. The name was a whisper in her mind. No. He was dead. She’d watched Darin kill him in the Pack circle.

Inhaling again, she tried to find the scent but it was gone. Pinpricks of magic nipped at her skin. A spell? But how? Edwin. He had to be behind it. A spell for her to scent Ross, to throw her off and confuse her.

A wave of dizziness suddenly washed over her. She reached out to touch the closest tree to steady herself. A vision of Edwin with bloody hands flashed in her mind, and a sense of deep loss settled in her heart. Tears spilled from her eyes as she crumpled to the ground.

There were only two people Edwin could use to hurt her that deeply. Darin, and now Cooper. She’d never had a vision before and wasn’t sure how to bring it back. If she could bring it back. Focusing on Edwin, she tried to see what he was doing in hopes that she’d get another vision. No luck.

Wrapping her arms around her legs, she hugged her thighs to her chest and pressed her forehead to the tops of her knees. As much as mating scared the shit out her, she couldn’t lose Cooper now that she’d found him, tasted him. Edwin had to be stopped. Whatever plan he had needed to be eliminated.

She began to shake as the rage she felt for the bastard Alpha fueled the already too strong power within her. A dull ache formed in her skull. She gripped her head and tried to calm herself. She hadn’t had an attack like this since before Ross was killed.

Warmth enveloped her, easing her headache a little. Cooper’s cool, minty scent soothed her. She snuggled against him, allowing him to pull her into his lap. They sat on the ground of the forest for several long minutes as Cooper ran his fingers through her hair in gentle, massaging motions.

Finally, she whispered, “I thought the power was partly because of my connection with Darin. That’s why I left the Pack. I feared I’d challenge him and end up killing him.”

Cooper squeezed her gently. “You are a born Alpha, like Darin. A Pack doesn’t need two Alphas.”

She nodded. It was something she’d told Darin over and over when they argued about her leaving. “I’m losing control of the magic.”

“Have you sought help from the Coven?”