Champagne & Chaps(6)

By: Cheyenne McCray

Sabrina laughed. “All right, all right.”

She headed back to the bedroom and got a good look at herself in the mirror. Carly was right. She looked like she’d put her finger in a light socket.

The mirror didn’t feel like her friend these days. She studied her reflection in the mirror and the way her T-shirt fell straight down without the curves she’d always had.

She felt like she’d gone through every stage of emotion there was. Fear, anger, depression, and grief were only a few.

The counselor had told her she needed realize that her breasts didn’t define who she was. She was still a whole, beautiful woman.

Easier said than done.

She still didn’t want to take her shirt off and look at herself but she forced herself to. Even after the past few months since surgery, she didn’t recognize herself like this with the scarred tissue where once her breasts had been. Doing something as simple as washing herself wasn’t easy to do emotionally.

Eventually she would have reconstructive surgery done, but right now knowing that didn’t change the way that she felt.

She stripped out of the rest of her clothing then headed into the bathroom.

After showering she put on a pair of black panties, her prosthetics bra, a T-shirt, and jean shorts. She grabbed her e-book reader and walked through the living room and out the front door to Carly’s wide porch. It was still early enough that she could recline in the futon on the porch and not get too hot.

With a happy sigh, she settled herself into the futon and put her feet up on a block of wood that Carly used in place of a hassock. The book she’d picked out to read was one of the paranormal romances that Carly had written.

Sabrina loved getting lost in different worlds full of exciting beings like shifters, werewolves, and vampires. There was something about falling into a world where she could find pleasure in the author’s imagination that fueled her own. And most of all to ignore reality for at least a little while.

* * * * *

The cute little Sabrina Holliday hadn’t been far from Wyatt’s mind since the moment she left the bar last night. He’d watched her driving off with her friend, Carly, and it had felt like a little part of him had gone with them.

Crazy thinking, but there was something about her that made him know he had to get to know her better. A whole lot better.

He smiled to himself as his Quarter horse stamped and moved restlessly beneath him, his saddle creaking. It was still early enough in the morning that the summer’s heat wasn’t beating down on everything. His chores were done and he had some other things to take care of.

“Come on, girl.” Wyatt patted the neck of his mare, Senorita. “I think we’re both a little restless today.” He clicked his tongue and they started toward the corrals.

It wasn’t easy getting Sabrina off his mind. The way her hair swung forward over her cheeks was cute and when he looked into the depths of her brown eyes he saw a sensuality that caused his gut to tighten. The way she smiled was enough to send a man over the edge.

He pulled his mount up short as he caught sight of his foreman, Jason Sattler, trotting toward him on his gelding. He pushed up the brim of his hat with one finger as Jason reached him.

“Boss.” Jason was frowning as he brought his mare to a stop. “Saw Derrick Harper in the canyon in the south pasture. He took off as soon as he saw me.”

Wyatt narrowed his gaze. “What the hell was he doing out there?”

Jason shook his head. “I checked the area. Hoof prints, boot prints, and a pile of fresh horseshit were all that was out there.”

“Nothing good follows that sonofabitch.” Wyatt’s jaw tightened. “He has no damned business on Cameron lands and he knows it.”

“Would have liked to have seen what he was up to.” Jason leaned forward in his saddle. “No idea what he’s doing screwing around over there.”

“I might just go have a talk with him.” Wyatt gripped the reins a little tighter. “And make it clear he’s not welcome.”

“Got another piece of news.” Jason looked in the direction of the north pasture before returning his gaze to Wyatt. “I have a couple of the boys repairing a fence line in that pasture. Looked like it was cut with wire cutters and there were two sets of tire tracks.”