Champagne & Chaps

By: Cheyenne McCray

Chapter 1

Wyatt Cameron’s gaze slowly traveled the room as he leaned up against the bar, one elbow and forearm on the polished hardwood surface. The lights were low, the wood-bladed fans stirring the air that carried smells of bar food and beer.

Stampede Bar was warm from all of the bodies packed into it and filled with music, laughter, and chatter. Wyatt tapped one boot in time with the song the live band, El Rio, was playing. Cowboys and cowgirls danced a lively two-step on the sawdust-strewn dance floor.

A pair of pool tables took up one end of the massive room and it looked like some serious games were going on while a couple of cowboys were throwing darts at a dartboard at the other end of the room. Most of the high tops were filled and every stool at the bar was taken.

“See anything you like?” Mike Sharpe said over the fiddle playing.

Wyatt gave his buddy a quick grin then took another drink of his longneck beer. “Still looking,” he said after a swallow. “I’ll know her when I see her.”

“Damn.” Mike glanced toward the door and gave a low whistle. “Take a look at that tall, sexy drink of water.”

Wyatt turned his attention to the door. His gaze went straight past the curvy woman to the petite gal behind her and his gut tightened. Light brown hair with blonde streaks, big eyes, and the type of smile that lit up even the dim bar. She was so damned pretty that he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Wyatt said as he studied the woman who’d caught his eye. “I think I just fell in love with that little thing next to her.”

Mike looked amused. “Why don’t you turn on that Cameron charm and go meet the lady?”

Wyatt considered it for a moment. He didn’t want to pounce the moment they walked in the door. Well, maybe he did, but it wasn’t the real smart thing to do. “I’ll give them a moment to settle in.”

He watched the two as they made their way to the only available high top in the room. The petite woman wore a red blouse and blue jeans that hugged her cute little ass. A silver chain with a small medallion was at her throat and small silver hoops on her ears.

He couldn’t get himself to look away. She must have felt his gaze on her because she looked up and gave him a little smile before turning back to her friend.

“If that isn’t your cue, I don’t know what is,” Mike was saying. “I think you’d better get your ass over there before someone beats you to it.”

Wyatt grinned to himself. Damn, that woman was cute as hell. “I think you’re right.”

He set his empty longneck on the bar and headed toward the woman he had to have.

“That cowboy you just smiled at is on his way over.” Carly’s startling lavender eyes met Sabrina’s gaze. “I knew you’d be flirting from the moment you walked in.”

“I was not flirting.” Sabrina’s heart beat a little faster. “And you know I’m not ready to meet any guys.”

Carly combed her fingers through her dark hair. “You’re plenty ready. It’s been seven months since you and the idiot broke up.”

Idiot was right. Stephen was definitely one of those not-so-rare breeds.

Sabrina shook her head. “That’s not all. You know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t know,” Carly said. “There’s no reason you can’t get out and start living now.”

Sabrina held one palm to her belly. “I don’t know. I think it’s too soon—”

“That is one incredibly fine cowboy,” Carly interrupted. “Fine, fine, fine.”

That was so true, Sabrina thought as she watched the man’s easy approach from the corner of her eye.

He was tall and had a cowboy’s build with broad shoulders and lean hips. He wore a white dress shirt and a white Stetson along with Wrangler jeans. The shirt in no way disguised his muscular chest and arms.


Sabrina’s stomach flipped as the cowboy held her gaze and walked up to their table. He touched the brim of his hat as he looked from Sabrina to Carly.

“I’m Wyatt Cameron,” he said with a sexy smile that made her stomach drop to her toes.

Carly extended her hand. “Carly Abbot.”

Sabrina jumped when Carly elbowed her. Sabrina cleared her throat and offered her own hand. “Sabrina Holliday.”