Catching the Wind(125)

By: Melanie Dobson

Discussion Questions

At the beginning of the book, Dietmar’s heart is torn. He wants to rescue his parents, but he’s not strong enough to overpower the Gestapo. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to help but could not? How did you reconcile this?

As Quenby struggles with insecurity and fear of abandonment, she tries to escape her feelings by immersing herself in someone else’s story. What are other ways people escape from either past memories or present conflict? What do you think is the best way to heal from emotional wounds and fear?

Mr. Knight believes that many people don’t understand or honor faithfulness. What does faithfulness mean to you? How are you faithful to the people in your life? How has someone been faithful to you?

When Dietmar and Brigitte are in the public hall, Dietmar believes he must walk away in order for Brigitte to find a home. Does he make the right decision? Was there a time in your life where walking away was the best or only choice?

Brigitte identifies with fairy-tale characters and stories while she lives with the Terrells. How has a book or movie changed your life? What are some stories or characters that have stayed with you over the years? Why have they stuck with you?

This novel slips between historical and contemporary stories. How do actions in the past affect the present-day characters? What was a seemingly small decision from your past that had a significant impact on your future?

Rosalind thinks of herself as wise and perhaps courageous to leave her daughter with Brigitte, in order to protect the child. Do you think she made the right choice? How did her decision change the future for multiple characters in this story?

The magnolia tree is common in England today but would have been rare during World War II. What does the magnolia represent along Brigitte’s journey? If you had Cinderella’s wishing tree, what would you wish?

As they get to know each other, Lucas and Quenby discuss “superpowers,” including the abilities to forgive and to expunge things from the past. Do you think we can forgive and forget things that have happened in the past? How do you process hurtful things that happened to you as a child or as an adult?

Quenby believes that the death and forgiveness of Christ have the power to change her life today. Do you believe that God can heal both the past and present through forgiveness? If so, what does this look like in your life?

Mr. Knight is fascinated by heroic knights from the past, but Lucas thinks Mr. Knight is a modern-day hero. What is your definition of a hero or heroine? Has someone served as a hero or heroine in your life?

Quenby wrote an article comparing the Kindertransport during World War II to the flood of refugees in our world today. How does the portrayal of Brigitte, a young refugee, influence your perspective on the current crisis? How do we balance caring for the needs of refugees while stopping those intent on doing harm?

What does the wind symbolize throughout this novel? How does it bring the characters together?