Capo Ricco (Cosa Nostra #1)

By: Harley McRide


Bella narrowed her eyes at the man who was standing in front of her desk. He really thought she was so stupid, so weak she would believe anything he said, as well as not kill him. He was wrong, she would kill him but only when she got the information she wanted. Her father would expect nothing less, and since she had been his only child, a daughter to carry on the Tomasi line. She just needed to prove that she could do it.

“Ms. Tomasi,” the ignorant man said with a smile, holding his hands out. “You know it is impossible for me to do what you are asking. The Acciai family already own that land, they will never give it up for someone to build another casino so close to them.”

She leaned back and glared, she knew this was the case, and really she didn’t give a shit. “They do not own it officially; you know as well as I do the woman who owns that property can sell it to anyone she pleases. The Acciai family has only forgiven a debt of her son’s in order to obtain the rights upon her death. I merely asked if we paid off her son’s debt, would she be inclined to sell us the property at a reasonable price. Your job was to find out how much, and if she was open to it.”

The man grimaced. “As I said, it is impossible. The woman would not cross the Acciai family, she would know by doing so, it would seal her son’s fate as well as her own I would guess. She wouldn’t even talk to me without someone from the Acciai family there. I was not going to go against Capo Ricco Di’Midea.”

“Oh please, I told you to offer her a new life, name, for both her son and her. I don’t know why this is so difficult? Ricco Di’Midea would have been dealt with had I known,” she snapped and turned her chair to look across the skyline of Vegas. Great, another person standing in her way.

Her father wanted this, though he currently owned three casinos in Atlantic City and Lake Tahoe. He wanted his casino in Vegas to be the largest and she was going to make sure she got it for him. Their casino, which was called Rome, was big, it was popular, and it had one small problem, the view. The stupid junky pawn shop right across the street was an eye sore, one Bella wanted to get rid of. But it was where the woman’s dead husband had built and owned it for years before this side of the strip became popular. Now that is was, the land was worth a lot. They had asked her many times to sell. Bella had even used a little intimidation to help the woman make up her mind. However, apparently the Acciai family had stepped in. Which not only surprised her, but also will piss the hell out of her father. They hadn’t known of the deal.

That was when she had sent this idiot to negotiate with the woman. He obviously wasn’t a good choice. His usefulness had worn out, thus making the seventy thousand he owed her due immediately. Then after finding out who the man really was, yeah, it wasn’t going to be a hardship on the world when she did what she had to do.

“Ms. —” the man said and she held up her hand and shook her head.

“No, I gave you one chance to get this sorted and I would erase your debt, you failed,” she said calmly then stood and walked around the desk until she was in back of the man. He showed his stupidity by not turning and facing her. She reached behind her to the gorgeous red wood credenza she had always loved and silently pulled the gun from the draw and turned back.

She was doing a public service, plus sending a statement to the man who had sent him into her fold to fuck with her. The bastard never learned, and she was more than ready to be the teacher with this particular asshole. How her father ever got into business with the man she will never know. But when she took over the head of the family, she was cleaning house, this shit had gone on far too long. Bella would never tell her father what she thought of the men he did business with when he’d been head of the family, but she had silently been marking the men she would refuse to do business with while she waited to take over the family. People in this town were going to quickly learn, Bella Tomasi was no one to fuck with, and she was also someone who knew the difference between right and wrong, and even if her methods may be illegal, she still fell on the right side.

“I can try…” he said and she chuckled. Still not looking at her, he really didn’t see her as a threat.