Broken Rules:Book 3 in The Broken Road Series(4)

By: Melissa Huie

“Stay with me.” The rough command in his voice, combined with the flick of his fingers to my clit, had me screaming, “Yes!”

He pushed into me so quickly, I gasped sharply. He stared into my eyes with each stroke, with each roll of his hips. It was intense, and very intimate. Different than any other time we’d had sex. It almost felt like we were making love. The tension built, and we crested each wave of pleasure until we exploded together.

This time, I let him pull me into his arms, and sighed when he placed a kiss on my temple. Noah was the guy that any woman would dream of having in her bed. His skills were unmatched by any of my previous lovers, but at the same time, he was one of the best guys I’d ever met. He didn’t hold back, whether in bed or in a bar brawl. And good Lord, his laugh. He had the same juvenile sense of humor I did. He was the perfect guy.

But not for me. He didn’t know who I was. He didn’t know anything about my life, my job, or hell, even my real name. Noah only knew me as Kate Parker, a junior assistant for a real estate investment firm, from Toledo, Ohio. That was my story for being here, the reason for me being gone so often. After I left, the Kate Parker he knew would be a memory, just like all the other names I’d used.

Sure, I could have told Noah the truth, that I’d been living a lie for the past three years, that I was constantly putting myself and those I loved in danger. That a man I loved like a brother was presumed dead, but was really tortured in Hell at the hands of a drug cartel. Thankfully, he was home now, in the arms of his wonderful and kick-ass girlfriend. But he lived in fear of that cartel, the same cartel I would give my life to bring down.

The reality was that I couldn’t tell Noah the truth. It was bad enough I had my family worried about me. I couldn’t do that to someone I cared so deeply about. Reality will be here soon enough. Let me stay in this dream for just a little bit longer.


WHEN I WOKE A few hours later, the rays of day peeked through the blinds. I glanced over at Noah, still sound asleep, with his arms wrapped around my waist. How the hell am I going to get out of here without waking the beast? I gingerly slipped out from his grasp, and quickly pulled on my white bra and T-shirt. I couldn’t find my cotton panties in the mess on the floor, but decided to forget about them. I had just slid on my denim miniskirt when I heard a noise. I froze. Thankfully, Noah had just rolled over. With a sad smile, I tiptoed over to him and kissed him lightly on the head, then picked up my purse and flip flops, and headed out of his bedroom, and out of his apartment.

I slowly shut the door, hearing the knob automatically lock behind me, then hurried down the hallway to my own apartment, 415, and immediately shucked off my clothes as soon as the door locked. Noah’s scent, a combination of leather, sea air, and citrus was everywhere—in my nostrils, my clothes, and in my hair. It was a scent that I’d probably never smell again, and it pained me to shower. But, despite my internal struggle to smell like Noah’s sex groupie for the rest of my life, I knew I had to get a move on. A seventeen-hour drive was ahead of me, and Lord knew, a shower would be essential for waking up.

After my shower, I put on a pair of hot pink gym shorts and a black tank top, pulled my medium-length brown hair into a messy knot and slipped on my sneakers, and threw my clothes into the duffle bag. After ensuring that everything I needed was packed, I left the apartment keys on the counter for the next occupant and took the two gun cases and the rest of the bags down to the car.

I surveyed the garage as I walked to my spot, close to the elevators. At six in the morning on a Sunday, my only companion was a lizard on the wall. I chirped the car, dropped the bags into the packed trunk and backseat. But I made sure I left enough room in the trunk for the roof. I got inside the luxurious cabin and pressed the ignition button, then lowered the roof. Seeing as how it would be my last drive in Florida and all, I might as well do it up right.

I slid on my cute-as-hell-but-fake-as-sin Gucci sunglasses and pulled onto the street, headed north. It was time to leave this version of ‘Kate Parker’ and Florida behind, and to go back to being myself. Problem being, I didn’t know who she was anymore.