Broken Lion(8)

By: Devon Hartford

Lion said, “Who are you again?”

“I’m Dr. Ivan Hackett. Co-Director of Orthopedics.” He loved to tell people his title. Never missed an opportunity. He probably said it to himself every morning in front of the mirror while tying his tie. Double Windsor knot, Royalty approved. He was such a douche. Make that, King Douche V, fifth in a long line of douches.

“So you do knees?”

“Yes, I am specialized in orthopedic surgery, among other things,” Hackett grinned.

“Can you do mine?”

Oh, no.

Hackett was taken aback. “Is there a problem with Dr. Flanagan?”

“I don’t like women doctors.”


“I assure you, Dr. Flanagan is highly qualified in every respect. If I were in need of a proper doctor to perform an orthopedic procedure on my knee, I would ask for her.” I was surprised he spoke so highly of me, but then he ruined it by placing both hands on my shoulders in a fatherly way. He was at most five years older than I was.

I wanted to cringe away from his touch, but I didn’t want to make a scene.

“Ehh.” Lion shrugged. “I still don’t like women doctors.”

“I completely understand,” Dr. Hackett said.

Did he understand that there was a problem with women doctors, or was he just commiserating with Lion? It didn’t matter. I felt like a fool either way.

Hackett said, “I would be happy to offer a second opinion once the results are in. From the looks of the swelling, we’ll have to wait until it goes down before I can perform any sort of procedure. Dr. Flanagan can walk you through the image results while I’m in surgery, but do have your nurse schedule a proper consult with me before you leave. That is, if you don’t mind, Dr. Flanagan?”

Was he being snide? Why was I asking? He was always being snide. If I had a chainsaw handy, I would lop off Hackett’s head and hang it on my office wall next to Lion’s. These two were unbelievable.

“Dr. Flanagan?” Hackett prompted. “Have we got this sorted?”

I gritted my teeth and smiled. “I guess we do, Dr. Hackett.”

“Brilliant.” He patted my shoulders in that fatherly way of his, like I was his incompetent daughter. “I’ll let you take it from here.” He reached over to shake Lion’s hand. “Pleasure to meet you, mister…”

“Maxwell. Lion Maxwell.”

“Excellent. We’ll speak soon. Until then, I assure you, you’re in expert hands with Dr. Flanagan.”

“That’s exactly where I wanna be.” His voice was low and dangerous once again. But this time, there was no oozing. Well, not on my part. When Hackett was gone, Lion grinned at me, very much satisfied with himself. “Guess who’s not my doctor anymore?”

“Do you have any idea what you just did?” I was pissed.

“Sure do.”

I hissed, “If you think after that little stunt that I would ever consider dating a man like you, you’re sorely mistaken.”

“But you are still considering it.”

What an ass! Make that a delusional ass! He was an ass who didn’t know it.

I turned to go but stopped short at the door. I whirled around and glared at him. “One other thing. I’m still your doctor. Once a patient, always a patient. As I said before, Mr. Maxwell, I don’t date my patients.”

“Who said anything about dating?” His lascivious grin suggested his interests lay in the gloomy torch lit cage I’d imagined earlier.

“Dating includes whatever filthy thoughts you have in mind, Mr. Maxwell. Those are the rules. And we both know you understand the concept of rules. Some blows are too low to throw. Even for a man like you.”

He snickered with cocky self-importance. “I wasn’t planning on being the one doing the blowing.” He reached down and adjusted his massive erection in his lycra shorts. It hadn’t been there when Dr. Hackett and I walked in the room earlier. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I looked, but only for a second. Now it was back with a thick veined vengeance.

I fired a finger at his crotch. “Keep that thing in its cage, Mr. Maxwell. Or I will cut it off with a rusty scalpel.” I spun around and walked out of the room. Not because I was worried about Lion having the last word, but because I knew I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock as long as it was erect and pulsating.