Broken Lion(132)

By: Devon Hartford

“Yes, bear with me,” Romeo says seriously. “Now he’s wounded, his heart damaged beyond repair. He yearns in secret for the love of a strong young woman to save him from his solitary misery!” Romeo’s eyes light victoriously.

“You’re hopeless, Romeo,” I chuckle.

“I know, right?” he smiles and winks at me. “Now THE Connor is finally going to make his first ever public appearance this afternoon, mask and all, exclusively for Rom Com Con 2015!!!”

I arch an eyebrow.

“It’s an historic event,” he says seriously.

“An historic event?” I mock. A woman president would be an historic event.

“That’s what I said. Did I misspeak?”

Misspeak? Romeo is definitely in a class by himself. I frown at him and nod toward the door. “Never mind. Let’s get this over with. Let’s meet THE Connor.”

Romeo knocks on the door and we wait.

And wait.

Wait a second…

No way.

A jumble of loose thoughts suddenly straighten in my mind. It’s just a coincidence, right? Thousands of men are named Connor. It seems highly unlikely that this Connor is…him.

Connor Hughes.

I haven’t seen or heard from Connor in seven years. I haven’t even thought about him…

Dark memories lasso my guts and cinch tight. I wince internally, forcing down nausea, not letting it show. I never let it show.

Keeping a straight face doesn’t stop the distressed thoughts from pinballing around in my head.

It can’t be him…



“I can’t believe how good you are in bed, Connor,” Babe, or whatever her name is, says breathlessly. “I’ve never had so many orgasms in one morning.” Her lush lips spread into a grin.

Mine don’t.

I stand naked at the foot of the bed having just dumped my condom in the bathroom trash.

Babe is a vision of caramel delight on the rumpled white confection of the hotel sheets.

I couldn’t care less.

She runs her hands across her breasts, massaging them briefly before sliding her manicured fingers down her taut stomach and between her slick thighs, stroking herself invitingly. She locks eyes with me, hers half-hooded with naked desire for more. “Mmmmm, Connor. Do you have any idea how yummy you are?”

Yes. Some other chick called me yummy last week. Yummy turned into a chick cliché four years ago. I hear it all the time.

“Your cock is twitching. Does that mean you want to go again?” she purrs.

I’m always up for fuckin. Working out seven days a week makes me horny as fuck all the time. And I have to admit, Babe is fuckin hot. But hasn’t she had enough of me? I’ve had enough of her. As hot as she is, she just didn’t do it for me. They never do. I sigh, “I don’t mean to be a dick, but I have an interview here in the room in a few minutes. I need to clean up before they get here.”

“Interview? For what?”

“It’s nothing. Some, uhhh, fitness thing,” I lie. “Some guy’s YouTube workout channel.”

“That sounds exciting.”

I always tell girls I’m a fitness model, but I never go into more detail than that. I hate talking about myself. “It’s pretty boring. Kind of technical. Blood sugar levels, triglycerides, recovery intervals. Boring shit like that.” Usually the technical talk turns them off.

“I don’t mind,” Babe purrs. “I’m sure I’ll learn something.”

Maybe this chick has potential…

She does that stripper thing where she sticks out the tip of her tongue and runs it across her top teeth. When that doesn’t work, she tweaks one of her nipples with her fingers, lifts her tit to her mouth, and licks the nip.

…Then again, maybe not.

Why’d she have to go and ruin it?

“Trust me,” I chuckle, “You’ll be snoring inside of two minutes. And the guy is a nobody. I think his biggest video has like 700 views. I’m doing it as a favor for a friend.” I’m making all of this up as I go along. Babe will never know.

“It’s no big deal, Connor. I really don’t mind.”

This always happens. A girl like her has guys throwing themselves at her 24/7. I saw it at the club last night. Five hundred different guys talked to her, but she went back to the hotel with me. What should’ve been a one-nighter is suddenly turning into a pain in my ass. I don’t know how to break it to her that I’m not interested. After fuckin them, I never am.