Broken Lion(129)

By: Devon Hartford

We hate each other as much today as we did seven years ago. But I can’t stop stealing glances at his perfect abs and perfect a**.

My better judgment tells me to drop everything and run, but something deep inside me is dying to know if he’s as HUGE as the rumors…

***Cover Model is a steamy standalone with an HEA***




“Not on your life,” I chuckle, staring into the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever hated.

I stand toe to toe with Connor Hughes, the gorgeous young man I hate more than any other human being on the planet.

“You totally want me.” He flashes his insolent grin, the one that makes all the girls in school drool over him and write his name in their notebooks and stalk his Facebook page in hopes that he’ll mention them. “You’ve always wanted me.”

My anger rises and I snort, “I’ve never wanted you. Connor.” I spit out his name like it’s filthy. “You must think I’m pretty stupid if you think I’m going to let myself become yet another notch on your bedpost.”

In the distance, a flickering rainbow of lights beam from the grad night carnival set up behind our high school. All that frolic and fun seems a million miles away.

Ten hours ago, Connor and I walked separately across the stage in the North Valley High School gymnasium and got our diplomas from the principal. When Connor got his, he took a bow to an uproar of cheers and applause. Everybody loves Connor Hughes. Except me. When I took my diploma, nobody made a sound, not even the crickets.

Now it’s four in the morning and I’m all alone with Connor under the starry night sky.

I fold my arms defensively across my chest and growl in his arrogant and undeniably handsome face. “The only reason you want me is because you never had me, Connor. We both know that if I was dumb enough to have sex with you, you’d get what you’ve wanted all along, and you’d move on. Just like you did with every other unsuspecting girl you’ve fucked. Tell me I’m wrong.”

He opens his mouth to speak. A strained half syllable wheezes out but catches in his throat. “I—” He deflates, his muscled shoulders sagging.

“That’s what I thought,” I smirk. “I’m just another notch for you. But I’ve got news for you, Connor Screws. You will never catch me. I will always get away. After everything that you’ve done, I will never be one of your notches.”

I turn on the heel of my brand new bowtie flats and stride across the damp grass field toward the main parking lot. I never look back, promising myself that I will never think about Connor Hughes ever again.

As far as I’m concerned, he is out of my life forever.

Good riddance.





“Fuck, you’re tight,” I grunt as I push my dick deeper into her pussy. “And wet as fuck.”

We’re sprawled on the king-sized hotel bed where we’ve been fuckin since the sun came up.

Her eyes are clamped shut and her face is screwed up as tight as her pussy. “Ohhhh, yes, Connor, yes…” she moans. “I’m going to come again…”

They always do.

This will be her fourth orgasm this morning, and the seventh since last night when we stumbled up to my room.

I slam into her harder and harder. “Squeeze my dick, babe. Fuckin squeeze it… Yeah…”

Her mouth splits open and she cries out, “Yes, yes, oh my god, yes!!” Her nails claw my shoulders. This chick’s a fuckin beast between the sheets.

I’m down with that. “Come on my dick, Juh—” I stop myself because I almost said Jasmine. She doesn’t notice. I don’t think this chick’s name is Jasmine. Jasmine was Tuesday. At least I think it was Jasmine. Or was Jasmine on Wednesday and Siobhan was Tuesday?

Who knows.

I should just stick to calling all of them Babe.

The only thing I do remember about this chick is that she told me earlier she’s half Chinese and half Brazilian. Exotic as hell. Long black hair, tanned caramel skin, perfect bod, killer tits. Crazy hot. You don’t come across a chick like this every day, but I’m going to come inside her in a minute.