Broken Lion(124)

By: Devon Hartford

Now that everything was out on the table, there was no going back from this.

Lion continued, “I wanted you guys to see this so you’d realize I’ve been serious about Brigid since day one. This isn’t some bullshit scam we cooked up yesterday. This is the real deal. This is true love. The shit poets write poems about. Brigid Flanagan is carrying my child. I’m going to be a father. Brigid and I are building a family together. How is that wrong? How is that breaking any rules? Do you guys think I didn’t know what I was doing when I put my dick in her? I wasn’t just fucking her. I was falling in love with my future wife. What do you say, Irish?” He held out his hand. “Wanna go down to the courthouse and tie the knot right now? Make it official?”

I looked between Lion and the committee. “I don’t know. Can we?” It was crazy to ask, but I had to. Maybe my boldness was as important as his. I looked right at Sidney Copeland who was glaring back. “After we’re through here, of course. But I am going to marry Lion Maxwell as soon as we get to the courthouse and I sign the papers.”

Lion gently squeezed my hands in his. “Forget them, Brigid. Do you want to go make this official? The worst they can do is take away your medical license, but they can never take you away from me. They can never take away our love.”

I was shocked by his naked honesty and his boldness. No one had ever stood up for me like this before. But I didn’t want to lose my medical license. I wanted to keep it and keep working here at LACH and be married to Lion. Could I have both? I looked to the members of the committee.

They stared back at us.

This was it.

This was the moment they decided the fate of my career.

Dr. Copeland turned and whispered back and forth with Cynthia Badhoff and the representatives from the Medical Board. All were frowning and serious and intent. I couldn’t make out a word they were saying. When they finished, Dr. Copeland spoke directly to me.

“Dr. Flanagan, does Mr. Maxwell’s description of events match yours?”

I took a deep breath because I was shaking like crazy. “Yes.” I gave them a brief rundown of the events starting with the night I met Lion, his request for a different doctor, my discharging him, and finally bumping into him by chance weeks later at the grand opening of his karate school.

Lion said, “Don’t forget, guys, once we bumped into each other at my dojo, I wouldn’t leave her alone.”

Dr. Tanaka, the Chairman of Orthopedics, said very seriously, “Dr. Flanagan, is this a case of sexual harassment on the part of Mr. Maxwell?”

I chuckled, “Oh, goodness no. I wanted him to pursue me. I just don’t think either of us wanted to wait six or twelve months.”

Lion smirked, “Hell no I didn’t want to wait. I mean, look at this red hot bombshell. She’s a fucking fox. My fucking fox.” He grinned his adorable grin and brushed a lock of hair behind my ear.

Next to me, Vikki Baxter stifled a snicker.

No one else on the committee said anything, but their faces were unreadable.

I said, “Oh, and I’m only six weeks pregnant. So you can see from the timeline that we didn’t start having sex until long after—”

“Thank you, Dr. Flanagan,” Copeland grumbled. “That’s enough.”

“Sorry,” I muttered.

He leaned over and chatted with Cynthia and the Medical Board representatives. After almost two minutes of whispering back and forth, he said to me, “I believe the committee needs a few minutes to confer in private. If you would be so kind as to wait outside with your attorney and Mr. Maxwell.”

“Yes, of course.” I stood.

Vikki stood too.

Lion pointed at his carving on the committee table, “Be careful with that. It’s my wedding present to my wife and it’s one of a kind, just like her.”

My heart melted when he said that.

The three of us walked outside and closed the doors to the meeting room.

“My goodness, Mr. Maxwell,” Vikki said, “you sure put on quite a show.”

“You should see me in the cage,” he chuckled. He rubbed my back. “And the bedroom.”

My eyes popped.

Vikki looked away, grinning with embarrassment.