Broken Protocols

By: Dale Mayer

Dani’s been through a year of hell…

Just as it’s getting better, she’s tossed forward through time with her orange Persian cat, Charmin Marvin, clutched in her arms. They’re dropped into a few centuries into the future. There’s nothing she can do to stop it, and it’s impossible to go back.

And then it gets worse…

A year of government regulation is easing, and Levi Blackburn is feeling back in control. If he can keep his reckless brother in check, everything will be perfect. But while he’s been protecting Milo from the government, Milo’s been busy working on a present for him…

The present is Dani, only she comes with a snarky cat who suddenly starts talking…and doesn’t know when to shut up.

In an age where breaking protocols have severe consequences, things go wrong, putting them all in danger…

Praise for Dale Mayer

I love to read Dale Mayer’s books… keeps me guessing…. I am getting good though trying to figure out who did it…. I am on my fourth book….

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Dale Mayer’s work is always outstanding and Haunted by Death is no exception.

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This is a GREAT series that you don’t want to miss out on!

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This is my favorite author I enjoy all her books and I can’t wait for more… her books are easy to get into and I love the storyline

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Dale Mayer is a gifted writer who now has me hooked as a new fan. She characters are complex and she shares her knowledge of energy work clearly and simply. Makes for fascinating reading…

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Don’t underestimated Dale Mayer. Combination of JD Robb and Heather Graham. Paranormal suspense………

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Wow! I read a lot, and I can honestly say that there a few books that I have read that I will remember for years. This is one of those books. Thank you Dale for giving me the gift of this magnificent story. It was both heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.

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Touched by Death is an outstanding novel by Dale Mayer. Unlike her usual novels that contain paranormal activity, this novel is sheer malevolent actions from ordinary humans.

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Dale’s books are spellbinding in more ways than one. She has a unique way with words. Her characters are fun and funny and loving. I love the way the story flows. Her characters all have personality. She takes you from suspense to love, then fear love and eternal love.

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Protocol 1:3:1 – You will in no way use technology to damage the life of another – particularly if those actions are to selfishly enhance your own.

Chapter 1

Dani Summerland was on top of the world. It had taken several years, but she’d finally put her past behind her. A new day had begun. A new job, her first date in a long, okay…in a very long time and for once, her future looked bright.

It had been a hell of a year.

She glanced at her watch and realized she was running a little behind after working late. She walked faster on the busy street. Rush hour had peaked, but there were plenty of people racing still to get home. Her apartment was just around the block. For the umpteenth time, she pulled the faded, crumpled photo of her and Lawrence from her pocket. He’d been everything to her. Now, a year after her very public humiliation, she could finally say she’d recovered. It was time to get rid of the picture. She’d hung onto it as a reminder. Of a lesson learned to never be forgotten. Some rules were never meant to be broken – and ignorance was not an excuse. She’d had some inkling that things with Lawrence weren’t as they’d seemed, but young love and all the rest of those glorious emotions guaranteed to get her into hot water had overruled her better judgment.