Brazilian Fantasy

By: Cathryn Fox

a Dossier novella

This one is for you Terry Moskowitz. Thank you for all you do for me, and the way you always step up to help. You are an amazing person, beta reader and friend. So glad we got to meet in Ottawa 2017!

Chapter One


There are some things money can’t buy. Then again, there are some things it can. Like a three-week, all-inclusive vacation at a gorgeous, mountain-top mansion overlooking the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

In Rio-freaking-De Janeiro!

Holy God, two years ago when my friends and I agreed to have a little fun and put our names in a hat, I never thought the girl who drew my name would send me to a breathtaking ocean-side estate for my twenty-fifth birthday. I’m just a small-time daycare teacher in New Jersey. For me, Brazil isn’t just a long-ass way from home—the villa where she sent me is completely over the top luxury and definitely out of my league.

That doesn’t mean that for the next three weeks I’m not going to take full advantage of it, though. I have been working my ass off in the daycare trenches, striving to climb the corporate ladder to a managerial position so I can put my hard-earned business degree to use. And then to top it off, my ex-fiancé, also known as Dr. Douchebaggery, left me for his head nurse, one who was willing and eager to give him the children he wanted.

I used to want kids, until I started working in the daycare classroom. It didn’t take long for me to realize that today’s kids are spoiled, self-centered little monsters who have all of zero respect for authority and like to be cruel to their peers. I decided I didn’t want to bring a child into a world like that, which ended up being an obvious deal breaker between my ex and me.

After getting overlooked for the supervisory position at the last managerial meeting, and getting dumped with no warning, I’m ready for this vacation more than anyone can imagine, and I damn well plan to make every moment count.

I shift my suitcase in my hand and step along the foliage-lined pathway leading to the ornate front door with its shiny brass lion knocker. The briny scent of the ocean wafts around me, and I breathe it in. I’m as giddy as a preschooler on Christmas morning as I tap on the knocker.

Bring it on.

From the other side of the thick mahogany, heavy footsteps pound down the hall, and I inch back a little to once again absorb the specular estate before me. I honestly have no idea what to expect behind these colossal doors, but I’m beyond excited to find out. I scan the place again, a million questions running through my mind. Is this someone’s home? Do they rent it out privately? Or is it some sort of bed and breakfast that caters to numerous guests at one time?

I don’t know, and I don’t care. My only goal is to have some much-needed fun and experience everything Rio—and its people—have to offer.

The heavy door opens, and I suck in a quick breath when I come face-to-face—or rather, face to chest—with a Brazilian god dressed in khaki shorts and a snug shirt.

Well, happy early twenty-fifth birthday to me.

Lush lips made for kissing curve upward when our eyes meet, and the sexy little dimple tugging at his right cheek curls my toes, among other body parts.

I’m going to hug and kiss whichever friend drew my name and set this up.

“Piper Young?” He dips his head, and a thick lock of dark hair falls to his eyes. He shoves it back, his arm muscles thickening and relaxing with the movement.

Aware that I’m staring at the hottest guy I’ve ever met—a guy that makes me think of rockin’ vacation sex—I try not to gawk at his yumminess as I nod eagerly. “Yes, that’s me.”

“We’ve been expecting you.”

And you’re better than anything I’ve ever expected.

I think it’s best to leave that unsaid, so I smile and say, “Nice to meet you.”

As he waves his hand to guide me in, I take in the sexy, light scruff on his face and sneak another glance at his hard body. Please, oh please, let this hottie be part of my dossier.


We’ve been expecting you.

Dammit, the “we” part of that sentence must mean he’s married. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s every girl’s tall, dark, and handsome fantasy come to life. When we made the pact ages ago, we all agreed not to come back from our epic journey until we had back-bending sex. Even though I’d be more than happy to let this guy twist me like a balloon artist, if he’s hitched, it’s time for me to nix my dirty thoughts.