Bitten Under Fire(89)

By: Heather Long

Not recognizing the woman, she braced a hand against the door. “Yes?”

“Miss Devlin? Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Amador, I’m a friend of Sergeant Castillo’s. He asked me if I could come by and talk to you.”

Bianca checked the peephole again. “If you’re such a good friend, why are you calling him Sergeant?”

The woman raised her eyebrows. Tall with an athletic build, Kaitlyn Amador was enviably well put together with her smooth, dark brown hair and buttoned-down appearance. Bianca felt positively frumpy by comparison. Cage sent a woman to talk to her? Was she someone special?

Instant dislike unfolded within her.

“Well, I call him Sergeant because that’s his rank, and I was hoping a more formal address might at least win me a chance for a face-to-face.”

Well, that was direct.

“Let me start again, Bianca. I’m Kat, I serve with Cage, and he asked me to come over to talk to you.”

Kat? Really? Now she had to open the door. If she served with Cage, that made her a wolf, right? A wolf named Kat. It was too funny. Aware of her own disheveled condition, Bianca raked her fingers through her hair before she unlocked the door and disengaged the alarm.

The woman on her doorstep grinned. Though her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, she wore slacks and a light silk shirt. She looked like a woman on her way to the office, not someone who served in the same unit as Cage…the smell was wrong.

I really need to get used to that.

“You’re not like Cage,” Bianca said, choosing her words carefully. Though Kat hadn’t lied to her, it didn’t mean she knew Cage’s secret.

“No, I’m a girl, for one,” Kat said with an easy grin. “And I’m not a wolf. Yet.”

Still studying her, Bianca held up a finger. “Just one moment, okay?”


Bianca shut the door and turned the lock before pulling her phone out of her pocket. She texted Cage a simple question.

Do you know a Cat?

It’s Kat. He replied immediately. Yes, she’s a friend.

Relief and jealousy collided in the pit of her stomach and it created a most unsettling heartburn. Shoving aside the baggage, she reached for the door again and her phone buzzed once more.

Thank you for checking with me—I miss you.

Swiping away the moisture from the corners of her eyes, she opened the door again to find Kat waiting patiently. “Sorry about that,” Bianca apologized. “I had to check.”

“No, I totally get it. Trust but verify. Good motto to have.” The easy acceptance buoyed her.

“Come in.” She let the other woman into her house and then walked with her toward the living room. The deck doors were open, but the light had been almost too bright for her today. Each day it was something—the colors were too vivid, the noises too loud, the scents too overwhelming. It made her crazy. Apparently, nothing about changing would be easy.

At least her head didn’t hurt.

“Nice place,” Kat said, glancing toward the living room.

“Thank you, sorry about the mess,” Bianca responded, hurrying to clean up the sofa. It wasn’t terrible, but she’d transferred a blanket downstairs because while she hadn’t wanted to sleep in the bed where she was surrounded by Cage’s scent; she hadn’t wanted to sleep without something of his nearby. As aggravated with the situation as she’d been, she still cared. The conflict was tearing her apart.

She was becoming a certifiable loon.

“A little mess never hurt anyone.” Perching on one of the chairs, she seemed more at ease than Bianca felt.

With a sigh, Bianca sat. “I’m afraid I’m not very good company at the moment.”

“I’m pretty stellar, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.” Kat clasped her hands together and leaned forward. “Let’s cut to the chase. You have no idea why I’m here, and you’re not sure you even want me in your place. Totally fine, I get it. Not even offended by it. I’m here for three reasons, the first being Cage asked me, which I already told you.”

At Kat’s pause, Bianca nodded. “Yes.”

“The second is that I’m—mated—to the captain of Bravo Team WOLF. I can offer you a little perspective on the wolves from an outsider’s point of view. The guys tend to assume everything is just a wolf thing and ‘normal’ even when it’s just way not. I can actually share with you the difference.”


“Third, while I’m still human, I’m planning to take the bite and I’ve had a lot of my questions answered, so maybe I can help you with yours.”

Relief surged through her. “That would be really helpful.”