Billionaire's Fake Fiancee:Age Gap Romance(9)

By: Tara Brent

“I see.” When his smile returns, my relief does, as well. He buys it, but how much of that was really just trying to land the client? Even I catch myself taken aback by my words. “That does put a new light on the matter.”

That’s what I want to hear. Now we can settle the deal, and once the papers are signed, he probably won’t care so much about the wedding band, especially once he sees that I fulfill the promises I’ve made throughout the meeting.

“Perfect. So, we have a deal?” I ask.

He nods. “I should say so. Once you get your fiancée to meet up with my wife and me for dinner, we will celebrate and sign the papers. I look forward to hearing from you.” He turns to leave, and my mouth hangs open.

“We can sign the papers now!” I blurt out. “I mean, it’s only a technicality, right? We can get together for dinner any time.”

“We would love to meet your fiancée, though. I think it’s best to make this deal over dinner and wine. Give me a call.” With that, he’s out my office door. I sink back down in my overstuffed chair and stare at the computer. Great. Now, what have I done?


When my girlfriend of five years broke up with me seven years ago, I vowed that I wouldn’t get attached again. Thus far, it’s worked. That was before I made the arrogant mistake that one white lie wouldn’t hurt anyone. My pitfall is that if I don’t produce, I can kiss this client goodbye, and as it stands, that’s a definite possibility.

Chapter 5


My phone rings inside my purse as I dig around and finally locate it, catching it just in time. “Hey, Cat. Long time no hear.”

“Too long,” Cat replies. “Got a minute?”

I glance down at my watch. “About all I have.” I grab a quick swig of my water. “Break’s about over, but what’s up?”

“Well, the gang has talked about getting together, and I know life has been busy and all, but I think we should make it happen. Anastasia and I thought of coming to the city this weekend. Are you free? I already spoke with Sabrina, and she said that her schedule is open. So, what do you say?”

“I work Friday night, Saturday day, and Sunday the whole day. But I would love to have you guys over on Saturday night. Dinner and then when I get Cece down for the night, wine. Does that work?”

“We’ll be there.”

I jump up from the table. “Perfect. See ya guys then.” I disconnect the call, toss everything back in my purse, and then shove my stuff into the locker, just in time to clock back in for my shift. I take a glance in the mirror and shrug. “Just four more hours. You can do this.”

“Ugh, you’re back?” Michelle asks just as I round the corner to the register.

I laugh. “That’s a fantastic greeting, Chelle. I could take the rest of my shift off, if you’d rather.”

She looks past me, then grabs my hand and pulls me closer, lowering her voice to barely above a whisper. “There’s a real hottie that just sat in your section.”

“Is that so?” I nonchalantly act. “Do all the women in my life think they must set me up.”

“Set you up? I was thinking of me.” I snicker then turn to look in the direction she hasn’t stopped looking. “Don’t!” she squeals. “He’ll see you staring.”

“And yet you’ve been gawking from the moment he’s arrived,” I remark, grabbing my pad of paper from my pocket. “But don’t you worry, I wouldn’t dare steal this man from you. He’s all yours.”

Chelle’s face falls. “Oh, never mind. He’s already taken. Have a look for yourself.”

“Oh, so I may look now?” I tease and turn and see the table she’s referring to, and my eyes drop. I give a mild smile, disappointed myself in the man and woman sitting at table fifty-four.

“All the good ones are taken.” Chelle shrugs. “On to gawking at the next customer.”

My smile slowly fades as she walks away, and I turn back to the table. It’s been a week since I first met him. As the week slowly drifted by, I forced my mind from thinking about him. But now, he just has to be sitting in my section. Was it pure luck? Or fate? Or maybe he just likes the lighting there. Either way, I can’t ignore him forever. He’d get suspicious if no waitress showed up. Here goes nothing.