Billionaire's Fake Fiancee:Age Gap Romance(8)

By: Tara Brent

“That’s because you’re a fighter,” Sabrina says, speaking for the first time since I had given her the rundown. “You’re not self-centered. Not by a longshot. You are the most caring and sensitive person I know. You would move the earth to help someone out. You’re strong, you have ambition, and you’re a damn good worker.”

I roll my eyes. “And now you’re embarrassing me.”

“Maybe laying it on thick, but I mean every word. You’ll figure this out.”

“You’re right. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Gladly, have you seen the new guy at Nelson’s Meats? He is smoking, and I hear he’s single.”

I laugh and shake my head. “I’m fine without a man in my life. As mentioned, who has the time?” My words drown out as Sabrina continues to dive into the conversation, but at that moment, I’m back to thinking about a babysitter. Unfortunately, I have more things to focus my attention on.

Chapter 4


Sylvester stares at the portfolio, cycling between page after page, to the point I worry he’s going to remove the ink. He shrugs.

“I don’t know. It sounds good, but I need Hawthorne and Son to be willing to go all in. I have thirty-two factories that I head—the latest one going up in Barbados. If I sign this deal, I’d like to know that I have an equal partnership. That might mean some trips out of the country. Are you prepared to take this jump?”

I have waited five years to have Sylvester Krenshaw sitting in front of me, an opportunity to crunch numbers and prove to him that allowing us to oversee their projects and business would be a step in their right direction. I can’t undo the progress I’ve made. Yet, I’m not sure the workload that it will require is something I’m going to be able to produce. I just might have to bring another guy into the mix.

“Absolutely. I know that it is going to be hard work, but as you will soon see, we are just one big happy family. If you need me to jet off to a foreign country, you say the word. I’m prepared to take that leap. I have nothing holding me back.

“And your wife approves?” he asks, arching an eyebrow.

I snicker. “Well, the problem is solved there because I’m not married.”

Sylvester’s eyes cloud over. “Oh. I see. That’s a shame.”

He stands up from his seat, startling me. I rise to join him. “Are you going somewhere?”

Sylvester sighs and looks away. “You see, the problem lies in the fact that you’ve spent much of this meeting talking about family and being one unit. I suppose it’s my mistake to assume. I guess I got the impression that meant that you, yourself, were a family man.”

“I am. I see my father and mother as much as I can. With work and all, sure things can be tough, but I do my best to see them whenever possible.”

Sylvester glances in my direction. “That’s all fine, but I mean having a wife, having kids, maybe a dog running around the house.” He shrugs. “I’m old-fashioned in that manner. I like to see that my business partners feel that work is important, but family is our priority. You see, with Biz-Tech, we make sure that family is our key investment.” I open my mouth to argue, but he holds up his hand. “I’ve heard the story before. Those that don’t know what it’s like, truly don’t understand. Every year we have a tradition with our employees and our partnerships. We gather all the family members and make it truly the biggest social gathering around.” He shrugs. “I’m sorry, but I’ve found that guys that are still leading the single-life don’t quite get it, and deals rarely work.”

As he talks, I feel the deal slipping through my fingers. “I get what you’re saying, but I think you’ve misunderstood me.” Sylvester tilts his head, waiting for me to continue. “I’m not married, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know exactly where you’re coming from. You see, while I don’t have the ring on my finger quite yet, it’s truly only a matter of time. My fiancée and I are looking for the perfect date for us to tie the knot. Once we can align our schedules, we’ll be getting married. It’s just not official yet.” I smile, a sense of wonderment washing over me. “I dream of the family. The white picket fence, a dog, running in the yard. So, I get it.”