Billionaire's Fake Fiancee:Age Gap Romance(10)

By: Tara Brent

“Hi, welcome to The Hideaway. My name is Kelci, and I’ll be your waitress this afternoon. May I start you two off with drinks?”

I smile between Nolan and the strange woman sitting across from him. His eyes widen. “Hey, Kelci. I was wondering if you’d be working today?”

“You were?” I ask, arching an eyebrow.

“Of course, easily the best waitress I’ve had in any restaurant.” He’s still beaming while I slowly process his words. Is he just giving me a line? Or, are these words of sincerity? Either way, the way he speaks, there’s a strong stench of flirtatiousness, only drawing confusion to my mind. “This is Anabelle Greene,” he says, motioning across the table to the blond. I nod and smile slightly, then look back at him. He’s here with a date and flirting with me. Playboy comes to mind.

“You flatter me,” I mumble, still staring into those dark eyes of his. I feel the hint of warmth in my cheeks and quickly look down at my blank notepad. Breathe, Kelci. There’s nothing special here. He’s on a date. As far as I know, it’s even his wife. He’s not wearing a ring, remember. You’ve looked. Numerous times. “Those drinks?” I inquire.

“Ah yes...” He shoots a look over to Anabelle. “Care for some wine?”

“I’m fine, thanks. I’ll just take water with lemon.”

“Make that two,” Nolan replies.

“Coming right up.” I skirt away from the table and reach the bar, where Chelle is leaning against the counter.

“Oh, my goodness, those eyes. And was I catching a glimpse of heat between you and him?”

“Maybe you need new glasses,” I say, laughing and rolling my eyes, but I have to release my breath slowly so my heart doesn’t shatter from my chest. “He has a woman there, Chelle, or maybe those glasses are truly needed. Besides, a guy like that...wouldn’t go for a girl like us, at least not me.” Single mother, waitressing to get by. It just wouldn’t work even if he is in the market.


The afternoon drags on as another employee, Bri comes in for her shift, and I yawn, wiping down the last table I have to work on. I casually glance over to where Nolan and Anabelle still sit. They paid over an hour ago, yet they still sit there, as if they don’t want to bother walking away from the restaurant. That helps me to believe they aren’t married. If they were, they could easily go home and continue the scintillating conversation that’s kept them there for this long.

“Do you need anything before I leave?” I ask. I’ve already closed out my day’s earnings, collected my tips, and cleaned off every other table. What’s left is the debris that’s left behind once they leave. If they’re still there when I clock out, I’m sure Bri or Chelle will take over.

“I think we’re good,” Nolan says, looking up to me. “We’ll be heading out ourselves.”

“Alright, be well.” I turn and cringe. Be well? What am I eighty?

I can’t quicken my steps any faster. “Still gawking at the hunk, huh?” Chelle teases.

“Not hardly.” I make a quick glance over my shoulder and shrug. He didn’t seem to notice my awkwardness as I left, so that’s a relief. Yet, it means he’s back to talking to Anabelle and forgetting me altogether. “They’re clearly still here, so mind cleaning up the table once they’re gone.”

“Not in the slightest. See you later.” Chelle shot up a wave and then went to the kitchen as the bell rang for her order.

“See ya, Bri. Heading out.”

“Have a goodnight.” Bri calls, then goes up to the register to start her shift. I fight the urge and win, not to look back. It shouldn’t matter to me what Nolan is doing now. The quicker I get any pleasant thoughts of him out of my mind, the better off I’ll be.

I clock out of my shift, grab my purse from my locker, and push my way out of the back door that leads to an alley. As I round the corner to the parking lot, I hesitate. There Nolan and Anabelle stand beside a car. They’re talking, and while I know it’s best to ignore them and go straight for my car, I catch myself staring. What I expect to happen is unclear. I’m not close enough to hear them talking, but if I were to move two feet closer, I just might be able to catch a word or two.