Between the Lines (Paradise Bay Sweet Romance Book 1)(80)

By: Ella Linden

As he watched, he thought about the life he was making with the beautiful woman he was going to marry. They’d just closed on a house, a cottage similar to the one she was renting from her aunt and uncle, but bigger. Room for kids, should they ever be lucky enough to have any. Plenty of room for her work space and his. And, of course, a lake with a dock, so they could leap whenever they wanted. It was a lot less showy than his current house, and he loved it. He knew they could make a life there.

He glanced over at Carter again, his pal’s eyes still glued to the woman he’d once almost married.

“Have you talked to her lately?” Andrew asked, leaning over a little.

“Talked to who?”

Andrew rolled his eyes. “The woman you keep staring at.”

Carter tore his eyes away from the bout. “I’m not staring at anyone.”

“Uh huh.”

“You have an overactive imagination,” Carter muttered.

Andrew leaned over again. “Yeah. Okay, but here’s the thing. You’re both going to be in the wedding party. If you could both maybe, I don’t know, let the ice melt just a little, that would be great. We practically get frostbite even being near you two.”

“Again. Overactive imagination,” Carter said.


Carter stood up and clapped Andrew on the back. “I gotta get going,” he said. Andrew was a pain in the ass, but he was less obnoxious than he’d been before Livi had come into his life. He cast one more glance toward the women speeding around the course. All of them passed in a blur, except for Iris. Her dark hair was pulled back in a braid under her helmet, but some strands had escaped and stuck to her neck. She had a look of fierce determination on her face, an expression he’d seen often.

Once upon a time, that determination had been for him. For them. Until it had all gone wrong. They hadn’t even exchanged so much as a word since the day she’d walked out on him.

And now he was supposed to stand up in a wedding with her?

It was a good thing he and his brother owned a brewery. He was going to need every bit of help he could get in the next few weeks just to get through it.

Weddings? Torture.

Wedding with the woman you’d once thought you’d share your life with? He didn’t even know what to call what kind of mess that was.

He took one last look at Iris and walked away, heading toward the exit of the arena. All he had to do was get through it. How hard could it be?