Beautifully Broken:Reckless Bastards MC(4)

By: KB Winters

I bit back a smile, but Teddy did what beautiful women do in this situation. She laughed. “My plaything or just any old thing?”

“Whatever you want, babe.”

Her phone rang and vibrated on the table, and Teddy grinned up at him. “What I want is to finish this call so I can finish hanging with my homie. ‘Kay?” She patted his shoulder as she slid from the booth, answering the call as she headed toward the door.

I didn’t bother looking up, just continued to eat chips and salsa, between sips of strawberry margarita. Teddy was lucky I decided to drive, because these margaritas needed at least two more shots of tequila. I hated being out because people stared. People were cruel and they simply thought it was okay.

“You don’t stand a chance with the smokin’ redhead, she’s got expensive tastes. But take the ugly fat friend, she’ll be grateful for a night with a stallion like you, Greg.”

The other one, Greg I assumed, laughed with too much energy like he was trying too hard to impress. “She might not be ugly and I don’t mind having something to grab on to. Fat chicks love a good hard fuck.”

I didn’t bother to turn around because I could guess what they looked like. One would have dark hair and the other blond, dressed like some after work office drones. One would probably be better dressed because he made more money, probably not Greg. They were both players, probably even had some kind of scoring system for their conquests. Not Greg laughed. “Damn man, you’re making me want to change my mind about which one I want to stick it to.”

I rolled my eyes, grateful when Teddy returned to drown out their asshole bro chatter. “Good news, she’s decided on old Hollywood. She’s got an audition for some gangster flick set in the twenties and wants these photos to help her land the role.” She rolled her eyes and took a long sip from her glass.

We placed our orders and as soon as the waitress rushed off, the two dickheads screwed up their courage and approached our table. The stupidly good looking one, not Greg, trained his focus wholly on Teddy while not Greg turned to me, practically pinching his nose just to inch closer. “So,” he began but I put up a hand to stop him.

“I’ll stop you right there, Greg, the fat ugly chick isn’t interested a good hard fuck with your tiny limp dick. Go back to the bar and wait for your bro to strike out with the hot one.”

He looked at me, eyes flashed surprise for a moment and then anger. “Whatever.”

“Oooh, good comeback,” I scoffed and rolled my eyes before returning to my margarita. I might not be much to look at but even with the scar I was average looking. I knew my strengths and weaknesses and one day I might find someone who could tell them apart. Until then, it was just me. Not Greg continued to lay down every cheesy pickup line and compliment he downloaded from some pickup artist website, while I dug into my fish tacos. Teddy looked longingly at her spicy beef nachos while Todd—because of course, Todd—did his best impression of the hot jerk from every teen movie and soap ever created.

Finally, she called time of death. She turned her big blue eyes up to him, just a hint of a smile in them and flicked her hair off her shoulders. “Todd I’m going to be honest with you because you are seriously hot and I think we have a connection.” It was a total lie, but it was part one of her best letdown. “I’m not looking for casual sex. I want a husband and kids and I plan to have both within the next eighteen months. I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for, is it?”

This was my favorite part. Where he tried to figure out how to best lie without just telling her what she wanted to hear. He wanted to just say that’s what he wanted too, because he was that kind of guy, but he sensed Teddy would be able to tell if he was lying. “I’m not opposed to all that, I mean it’s part of the plan, right?” He flashed a charming grin that probably got him out of all kinds of trouble.


His shoulders fell and he walked away without a goodbye.

“You enjoyed that,” I accused.

“Maybe, but he deserved it.”

“No way, if you’re interested go after him. Don’t let me stop you.”