Bane's Heart (Avaleigh's Boys #2)(9)

By: Sandra R. Neeley

Her mom just shook her head sadly as she quietly closed the door behind herself.

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Bane and his clan worked through the early morning, clearing and stacking trees. About 10:00 that morning he glanced at his watch and announced, “Gotta take a shower. Going into town for a break,” and headed back toward the main house. Kaid yelled to him, “We’re gonna finish stacking these, so Daniel can burn them while you’re gone.”

“Thanks, guys! I won’t be long,” he threw over his shoulder as he jogged in the direction of the main house. He had to be there when Janie took her break today, not seeing her today wasn’t an option. He needed to see her just like he needed air to breathe. He ran through the shower and changed his clothes in record time. He decided to take his bike to see her today. He didn’t bother with drying his hair, knowing the wind from the drive would do it for him. He smiled to himself as he pulled out onto the highway, thinking of her eyes lighting up when she saw him leaning against his bike, waiting for her, when she came out for break today. He couldn’t wait.

Bane threw his leg back over his motorcycle seat as he sat there looking at the doors of the grocery store. He’d come to spend Janie’s break time with her again, but she wasn’t here. Her boss had told him that she’d called in sick. He didn’t like that his Mate was sick, and he wasn’t there to take care of her. He grinned to himself. His Mate. A few weeks ago, he didn’t even want to entertain the thought that she could be his Mate, but now when the thought hit him, it made him feel all warm and fuzzy. It made his chest tickle; there was so much excitement with the thought. She was his Mate, Janie was his Mate. His Janie. He liked that. A lot. Bear chuffed in his head, tossing his big black head back and forth, doing his version of trying to convince Bane that they needed to go to her. “She is ill. Needs her Mate to soothe her”, Bear told him. Bane thought to his Bear, “She’s fine, her manager said that she sounded fine on the phone, just said she had a really bad headache and needed to take the day off.” Bear didn’t like it, but he settled back to pout while Bane cranked his bike and slowly pulled out of the parking lot and turned for home. “Should have called us,” Bear thought at him. “No, she shouldn’t have. She doesn’t know what she is to us. We are taking it slow with her, remember?” Bear huffed at him and went back to pouting. Bane just ignored him. He’d come back tomorrow and spend time with her then. Right now, while she was resting, he needed to finish her house.

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Later that night the entire clan sat around the huge bonfire that used to be the dead trees they had all cut down. After they had finished clearing the area and piled them all up, Daniel had lit them on fire. Now everyone was sitting around roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the flames.

“What ‘cha gonna do next, Bane?” Bam asked him.

“Think I’m going to measure out the floor plan and drive the posts in the ground for the foundation. I hope to have them solid and cured enough to start flooring in the next day or two.”

Bam nodded his agreement, “I’m gonna help you, so just let me know what you need.”

“Good, I was hoping you would. I need you to help me lay it out, Bam. You did a great job with Avaleigh’s cabin, and I’d like something similar, only bigger. I was thinking maybe three bedrooms, two baths, or maybe one full bath and a half. Can you help me with that? I really need your input.”

Bam looked up at him, “Really?”

“Of course, I’ll always need you.”

Bam smiled at him, not sure he totally believed him, “Okay.”

“What’s the rush, Bane? Why all of a sudden do you need to build a house? You’ve never needed anything; now overnight, you need a house?” Mav asked.

“He doesn’t need one; his Ever will need one,” Bam answered for him.

Bane wasn’t quite ready to put it out there yet; Janie didn’t even know yet.

“Your Ever, Bane?” this from Kaid.

He lifted his eyes to his Alpha, “Yes, I found her. But she doesn’t know yet, so I need to keep it quiet. She’s skittish and I don’t want to frighten her.”