Bane's Heart (Avaleigh's Boys #2)(63)

By: Sandra R. Neeley

That left Kaid. Standing there. Alone. Always alone. Watching yet another of his clan find his Mate. Become whole. Something that he really didn’t believe he’d ever get to experience, regardless of what Bam had told him. He walked over to where Sadie and Goldy were still kneeling beside the kitchen table holding each other, Goldy murmuring sweet words to her as he rocked her gently back and forth. He placed one hand on each of their heads, “Welcome to the family, Sadie. You are most loved.” Sadie lifted her eyes to Kaid and nodded, reaching a hand up to hold his as he pulled his away from her head. “Thank you, Kaid.” She smiled at him, happy tears still falling from her eyes. “Thank you, Alpha,” Goldy rasped at him. His raspiness proof that he was choked up, too. He nodded once and smiled at Goldy’s acknowledgment of his position. Then he turned to leave, heading back into his bedroom. Before he could totally leave the kitchen though, Bam spoke, “You talk to Mr. Amos lately?”

That was unusual; Bam had never asked about his friendship with Amos. “No, I haven’t.” He started to walk out of the kitchen, thought about all that Bam had revealed of himself, and thought better of it, “Should I talk to Amos, Bam?”

Bam shoved another bite of cake in his mouth, grinning from ear to ear, “He might want you to call him. I’d call him. You could call him. If you wanted to.” Then he shoved another bite of cake in his mouth. Turning his attention to Goldy and Sadie, “Ya’ll want some of this cake before I finish it all?” effectively dismissing Kaid.

Kaid laid back on his bed, arms folded behind his head. Thinking about all that had taken place in such a short period of time. Thinking about the strange conversation he and Bam had just had. Sighing, he shook his head in disbelief; he was actually going to call Amos. Just because Bam had inferred that he should. He picked up his cell phone and dialed. Three or four rings later:

“Hello?” Amos’s voice came on the line.

“Amos, how are you, my friend?”

Amos smiled to himself; he loved Kaid like a son and was always pleased to hear from him. “Kaid! How are you, Son? I was just thinking of you!”

“Oh yeah? What were you thinking old man?”

Amos chuckled, “Just thinking how shocked you’re going to be when I pull up in your driveway in a few short hours.”

Kaid sat straight up in bed, his phone pressed firmly to his ear, “You’re coming?! Really? That is so great! Avaleigh will be so excited to see you. How much longer ‘til you’re here, my friend?”

“Not long, Kincaid. Not long. See you when I get there. Oh, and I’m bringing you a surprise, too.”

“You are? Awright, Good! I could use a distraction about now.”

“Oh, it’s a distraction alright. See you soon, Son.” He ended the call on his cell phone and dropped it back into the console of his truck. He glanced at the female sleeping in his passenger seat, wanting to be sure that he hadn’t disturbed her sleep. Poor thing needed all the rest she could get. Seeming to sense him looking at her, she opened her huge violet eyes and looked questioningly at him. “It’s okay, girlie. You can go back to sleep. I was just checking to make sure you’re okay.” She looked around the cab of the truck, hesitantly reaching out for the leftover packaged sandwich and the white sugared donuts he’d bought her at their last stop. She tucked them under the blanket with her, pulled the blanket in tight, and settled back into sleep.

Yep, he thought to himself, Kaid was going to be surprised as hell when he got a look at what Amos was bringing him.