Bane's Heart (Avaleigh's Boys #2)(6)

By: Sandra R. Neeley

Too soon her lunch time was over, and he had to let her go back into the store. “I’ll see you again tomorrow?” she asked him. “I will be here, Janie.” She smiled at him and looked up at him from beneath her lashes, and he knew that she had no idea how freaking adorable she was.

As Bane drove away from their picnic, he lectured Bear on pushing her too hard. She was obviously easily startled and looked at every kind action suspiciously, so they’d have to move slowly and gently if he wanted to earn her trust. Her trust would definitely have to be won before he could ever even consider winning her heart. And he’d have to have her heart because if he’d had any doubts before, now he knew; she most definitely had his.

Chapter 3

The sound of a chain saw ripped the quiet of the morning air. Bane stood in the early morning sun, methodically cutting down dead tree trunk after dead tree trunk. He had spent the night thinking of Janie and had decided that he needed to build her a home. The fact that they were not yet mated, that she had no clue that they would be, was of no consequence to him. He and his Bear felt the need to make her a home, make them a home, and he went with it. So here he was, standing in the middle of the clearing that Daniel had scorched when he’d helped them battle Lurin. He’d decided that he needed to build halfway between Bam’s place and Avaleigh’s cabin. That way he could still be close to Bam, keep an eye on Avaleigh’s place, and still help watch over the main house, too. So, that morning at dawn, he’d put his chain saw to work. He grinned to himself as he stood back to look around at his handiwork. He had a huge fucking mess of dead and burned trees scattered around him haphazardly, and it made him happy. It wasn’t much longer before Bam came into the clearing, looked around at all the fallen trees, and disappeared only to reappear a few minutes later with his own chain saw. Bam took up a position on the opposite end of the clearing and started felling his own pile of trees. Pretty soon Kaid and Goldy walked into the clearing. “’Sup, Bane?” Kaid asked.

“Clearing some trees.”

“Yeah, well, I can see that,” Kaid answered.

“Gonna build here.”

“Awright, seems like a good place.”

“Close to Bam’s, close to Avaleigh’s, still within earshot of the main house. Good place to build,” Bane said to him as he looked around the area, still grinning to himself.

“Where you want the trees, Brother?” Goldy asked stomping past him with a huge tree trunk tucked under his arm headed toward one of the piles.

“Pile them up in the middle; I’ll burn them when we’ve finished,” Daniel answered Goldy as he strode into the clearing.

The guys all pitched in, cutting, dragging and stacking the trees for the better part of an hour.

Finally, Mav showed up, “What is that godforsaken noise?! Don’t you people know it’s barely dawn out, and it’s a damned Sunday! You know,” he drawled as he delivered his best duh voice, “it’s the day I sleep late, people!”

They all just turned around to look at him as he stood there in his fleece sleep pants with the Santa faces wearing sunglasses on them and his fluffy pink slippers. “What?!” he threw his hands in the air, looking at them incredulously, “it’s like you people never saw lounge wear before.” They just shook their heads, laughing at him. Mav was funny even when he wasn’t trying to be,…sarcastic as hell. Avaleigh walked past him, a big plate of sausage biscuits balanced in her hands, two thermoses of coffee and some plastic cups swinging from the bag looped over her wrist. “Get to work, Wolf,” she winked at him as she went by.

“Morning, Darlin’.” He grinned at her, “What the hell are we working at?”

“We’re putting trees in a pile for Daniel to burn,” Goldy answered as he took a biscuit from the plate that Avaleigh held.

“Why are we putting trees in a pile for Daniel to burn?” Mav asked them.

“Because Bane has decided to build his home here,” Kaid explained, shoving half a biscuit into his mouth.

“Thought you lived with Bam? Why do you want to build your own place?” Mav persisted.