Bane's Heart (Avaleigh's Boys #2)(3)

By: Sandra R. Neeley

“No, thank you. I’ll wait for Janie,” he told her.

She just couldn’t leave it alone though, “I can do whatever Janie can do and probably better. Just bring your stuff over here, Honey; I’ll take care of whatever you need.” As she said this, she licked her lips slowly and pointedly dropped her gaze to his crotch.

It really pissed him off that she thought so little of his Janie that she would insinuate Janie wasn’t good enough for anything he may need. Bane smiled at her, his chillingly deadly smile, “Janie is the only woman that will take care of me. I will wait,” he stated, simply, snarly, loudly, with his Bear too close to the surface. He shifted his eyes to Janie, who stood with her fingers poised over her register, her mouth hanging open as she watched the interaction between Bane and the other cashier. The other cashier just glared at him and then Janie, as he very effectively dismissed her obvious offer. Bane smiled at Janie, putting everything he felt for her into the smile, and she smiled back at him, blushing profusely.

The lady waiting for her to finish ringing her up chuckled a little as she looked back and forth between the two of them. When Janie returned her attention to her customer, the lady told her, “I think you have an admirer, Janie.”

Janie grinned at her, “No, Ma’am, he’s just a friend.” She moved her eyes back to Bane.

Bane couldn’t resist, “Maybe he wants to be more than friends.” He paused, “He definitely wants to be more than friends.”

Janie’s eyes got huge, and she rushed to finish ringing up the other customers until he was right in front of her. As he put his purchases on the conveyor for her to ring up, she paid attention to them. “Lasagna, huh?” she asked.

“Yeah, Avaleigh makes the best lasagna. And Mav was whining, so she promised she’d make him some.”

She nodded her head smiling, “Who’s Mav?”

“Mav is one of my brothers. There are five of us, well, six now that Avaleigh is mat— married.”

“Wow, you have a lot of brothers.”

“Yeah, I do. You would like them. Hey, why don’t you come have lasagna with us tonight? They’d love to meet you, and I’d really like your company,” he looked at her hopefully, a silly grin on his face.

“I, I can’t, Bane.”

His face fell, his disappointment clear. “I understand, bunch of guys like me that you don’t even know, it’s okay.”

“No, you don’t understand. It’s not that I don’t want to meet them; it’s just that I don’t really go anywhere other than work and home. I don’t like to be away too long— I just, I can’t. I can’t be away too long.” She looked down at the items she was bagging and wouldn’t meet his eyes. He recognized something there in her mannerism. Something familiar. It was just there below the surface, but he couldn’t quite put a name to it.

“So, you wouldn’t mind spending a little time with me, during the day maybe?” he prodded.

She nodded at him and offered him a little half smile, “I’d like that.”

“When is your lunch time?”

“Not sure they’re gonna give me one today; I was late this morning.”

“They are going to at least give you a break. I’ll see to it if necessary. What time is your break?”

“It’s usually about 11:00, just before noon.”

“Okay, I’ll see you out front at 11:00.”

He put his bags into his basket and winked at her. As he got to the door, she called out, “What if I don’t get a break right at 11:00? It might be later because I was so late.”

“Then I’ll wait. I’ll see you out front.”

Janie worked the next couple of hours with a smile on her face, Bane in her mind’s eye.

When she walked through the doors a little later, she found Bane leaning against the wall just outside. He smiled at her and swept his hand toward the awesome freaking truck parked beside him. “Cool truck,” she said to him. “It’s my brother’s; he restored it and painted it himself.”

“He did a great job; it’s beautiful!” she said as she ran her hand along its cherry red fender as he led her to the passenger door.