Bad Case of Loving You(10)

By: Kait Nolan

Dizzy at the feel of him behind the fly of his trousers, she directed him down the hall. He moved fast, those long, muscular legs eating up the distance with just enough time to boot the door shut on Duke.

His confused, mournful bark sounded in the hall.

“Don’t mind him, he doesn’t know what’s happening. I never bring anyone home.’’

Something flashed in Ty’s eyes as he let her slide down his body. Then he was on her again, yanking down the zipper of her dress and peeling her out of it. Paisley had never been more grateful for her choice of underwear.

He took in the black lace with a reverent curse. “You sure as hell didn’t have these in high school.”

Preening just a little, she did a turn. “You like?”

“Fuck yes.”

God, when was the last time a man had looked at her as if she were some kind of goddess? She was going to enjoy this immensely.

He slowed, fingers flicking open the clasp of her bra and drawing it down and away, until the cool air kissed her bare breasts. Her nipples drew taut and achy.

“You always did have the most magnificent breasts.” Ty lowered his head and sucked one rosy tip into his mouth, circling it with his tongue.

Feeling an answering tug deep between her legs, she threaded her hands in the hair at his nape to keep him there. His hands roamed south, dipping into her panties and slipping between her drenched folds. His blunt finger was a welcome intrusion against the ache he built with his mouth. Pumping her hips to the rhythm he set, she began to chase the high. He’d always known how to touch her, how to work her into an absolute frenzy. He added a second finger as he began to circle her clit. It was too much and not enough.

She whimpered his name.

“Come for me, Paisley.”

She wrote romance. Had crafted countless love scenes. She’d always thought orgasm on command was a ridiculous fiction. But as he growled the order against her ear, his voice a rumble she felt all the way to her core, she shot up and over, crying out as her body clamped tight around his fingers.

He gave her no quarter. Before her walls had even ceased to flutter, he’d stripped off her panties and spread her on the bed. With molten eyes, he looked down the length of her body as he crawled toward her. His nostrils flared, a predator scenting his prey. It felt wicked and arousing and absolutely wonderful as he spread her wide and settled between her thighs. Lowering his mouth to her center, he laid waste to whatever was left of her, until she screamed through a second release that left her boneless and brainless.

When he stretched out over her, she had a moment to wonder when he’d gotten naked and donned a condom. But she stopped caring as his crown nudged her sensitive entrance.

Ty braced himself above her. “Okay?”

“I will be if you’re inside me in the next three seconds.’’

He thrust into her in one hard stroke, and Paisley screamed.

Holding himself achingly still, he searched her face. “Did I hurt you?”

“No. No. God, dont stop.”

Dropping his mouth to hers, he kissed her. She tasted her own release as he began to move, setting a steady, ruthless rhythm that shook the bed. She met him beat for beat as he plunged into her with a fevered desperation, as if hell itself were on his heels. As tension began to coil inside her once more, she wrapped her arms tighter, holding onto him with everything she had. On a roar, he broke apart, and the feel of his release had one more orgasm ripping up from her toes.

Ty collapsed on her, just managing to catch some of his weight on his forearms so as not to crush her. As delicious aftershocks rippled through her, she found enough energy to run her hands slowly over the slope of his shoulders, appreciating the up-close-and-personal feel of them draped all over her. When she could move again, she wanted to map them all with her tongue.

Smiling, she pressed a kiss to the side of his throat. “Yep, definitely better than we were at eighteen. And we were damned good then.”

He made a noise and roused himself enough to peer down at her. “You look very smug.”

Paisley stretched, squeezing her inner walls around his cock, still buried inside her. “Three orgasms and headboard banging sex seems worth some smug.”