Back From The Dead(The Green Eyed Wraith Trilogy Book 3)(9)

By: J. C. Skye

However that didn’t seem to bother Kendall, and she ignored the warnings, “What is her name? And how did she die,” she asked?

There was a clear look of disbelief in his eyes, as Kendall was clearly ignoring what he said to her and questioned him instead. As there was nothing else that he could say further, Mr. Gallagher stomped off away from her. Kendall for a second was left speechless, as she couldn’t understand the reason behind Mr. Gallagher’s anger at the mere mention of his sister.

People die, she thought, but why did he get angry over that? So did anything bad happen to her? I must find out.

Mr. Gallagher was already gone. Kendall felt a twinge of worry creep over her. If she failed in this mission, she didn’t know what would happen to her.

“What should I do now? Whom should I ask for help? I cannot ask for anyone’s help.” Kendall went back and forth saying this to herself. She promised that she would not tell a soul and feared the disaster she might face upon breaching it. “No, I cannot tell anyone, not even when Tiffany comes back. I… I…I must go and ask Mr. Gallagher again, but where will I find him? Where? Oh, he must be in his quarters, I must ask him.” Kendall uttered the lines in frenzy and went to seek Mr. Gallagher in a hurry. Kendall was sure that she would find Mr. Gallagher in his quarters and she wasn’t mistaken. She found him walking quickly towards the entrance of his cottage.

“Mr. Gallagher, please one last time, can you listen to what I have to say? You can’t simply negate what I am saying. Why are you reacting in this manner? I need to know that.”

“What is wrong with you today, Kendall? I cannot even fathom that. I am trying to avoid you. However, you seem to completely ignore that. In what language do I have to say it? Go, Kendall, please, I don’t want to talk to about my sister,” Mr. Gallagher begged.

Kendall thought she saw tears in his eyes, but he turned his face away when he realized that Kendall was looking directly at him. “You are obviously hiding something from me and that is affecting you. I think you should tell me about it,” Kendall said in an assuring manner.

Mr. Gallagher pondered over it for the next few minutes. Then, he asked her to wait for a short time outside. Kendall could feel the winter chill, but tried to stay focused. Mr. Gallagher came out after a short while and handed her a picture. Kendall kept looking at it with a transfixed gaze.

“I have seen this picture, Mr. Gallagher, but where did you get it?” She looked up into the face of Mr. Gallagher in a confused manner to look for an answer, but he remained silent. “Professor, who is she? I know her, please you must tell me? Who is this girl,” she asked with more emphasis?

“She is my sister,” he finally admitted. “Wasn’t it her that you desired to know about?” Mr. Gallagher paused, and then he wiped off one stray tear from his eye.

He waited for Kendall to give an answer. Yet, Kendall was completely at a loss of words. She had seen this girl before. The picture meant something, but there were several other missing pieces in the puzzle which didn’t fit. Her mind had a direction of its own, but events were happening too fast for her to unravel the mystery just yet.

Before she could think about that, Mr. Gallagher said something else to her. “You know her? Where have you seen her,” he asked out of desperation?

“I…I just know that I have seen her. I can’t tell you anything about this now, Mr. Gallagher,” Kendall said while taking a step back. “I can’t tell any of it to you, and I only wanted to confirm this, so…” Kendall was cut off in the middle.

“You can’t just ask me something and turn your back away. Why do you need to know about my sister? What is it about her that’s made you so curious?” Mr. Gallagher showered her with questions.

“I was not conducting an investigation about her,” Kendall corrected. “In fact, I didn’t even know her. I just wanted to know…know if she existed,” Kendall spoke out hesitatingly.

“But you said that you saw the picture, what about it then? Can you deny it?” Mr. Gallagher was not letting her go.

“Mr. Gallagher, you must let me go. This is not something that I can confide in you. Please you must understand,” Kendall begged desperately.