Back From The Dead(The Green Eyed Wraith Trilogy Book 3)(7)

By: J. C. Skye

“Only you can help me, but it should be our secret, our little secret. You have to swear to me that you won't tell anyone anything. The moment you walk out of here, you are bound by secrecy.”

Kendall didn’t know what to say. Trusting a stranger was one thing and she hardly did that, but this was something that she was completely unsure of. A spirit or a ghost, Kendall was not even sure what to name it. Her uncertainty was clear and her doubts were apparent. Kendall couldn’t make up her mind regarding her next move. The shadowy illusion in front of her was able to see that, too.

“The dreams will keep coming, and they will not go away until it drives you insane. You will lose your peace and sanity,” the apparition told her. “All things are related. Do as I say and things will go back to the way they were. I will make a promise to you, but then you have to promise me, too.”

The sheer certainty by which the ghostly spirit spoke these words terrified Kendall to the core. It cemented the fact that what it claimed to be was real. Days had passed, and Kendall didn’t sleep one night without being woken up due to the horrible nightmares. The fatigue was showing. It slowed her down and she did want a little peace in her life.

The green eyes never left her; it could see through her soul and judged her every move. It could read the voice in her mind and Kendall saw no escape from it. It was hard for her to figure out if she was being threatened or offered help, and the only thing she could do was to take up the offer and agree to the bargain. So for one last time, Kendall closed her eyes to silence the voice in her head. Either the ghost would set her free or bring her down forever from where there was no escape.

“There is nothing that you can do now. Submit and I will set you free. There is something that you want to know ... what is it? Don’t hesitate to tell me,” the voice spoke in Kendall’s head again.

“I didn’t seek you, but there was someone else. The old lady librarian, she helped me before with a book, and the other time, she tried to reach out for me, but I was too frightened and I reacted by losing my senses. She was here before, but now I don’t see her. I need to know what she has to do with any of these things that are happening with me,” Kendall spoke her mind.

“Your questions will be answered, but you need to believe in me first. We can’t work without the trust. So are you willing to trust me, because I will help you if you are willing to help me in return?”

Kendall nodded back, and then the voices spoke in her head, “Go and tell your friend to leave and not to come back until you tell her to. Don’t contact anyone, not even your other friend, Tiffany. I know for a fact that she is not here and out there looking for something, but trust me, it won’t do you any good. So listen to whatever I am saying and it will lead you towards the path where you will find peace and sanity. So go on now and do as I say.”

There was no strength left in Kendall to question the voice. So, she got up from the bench like a robot and walked out to the hallway where Jamie was waiting for her patiently. She was in a daze, a trance that was induced by the green-eyed wraith.

“Jamie, you must go.”

Kendall found her voice again, but she felt that she was being controlled by someone else. She had no strength to challenge it. Jamie looked towards Kendall in surprise, shocked to see her talking in a mechanical voice. And the things she was saying didn’t make any sense. Jamie had no time to react before Kendall spoke again.

“Go back now, because I don’t need you here. Don’t question my motives, and if you want to know anything, wait for me back in the room. I will come back and speak to you soon.”

Jamie expected a different reaction from Kendall and hoped to hear a different story. Yet something else was happening, something that she didn’t expect nor understand. Therefore, detecting something was amiss, Jamie decided to go and observe from the side of the hall.

“Fine, I will leave if you want me to, but Kendall, please don’t believe everything you see or things that people say to you. Judge on your own before doing something,” she advised.

Kendall didn’t pay attention to what her friend said. “I am capable of handling things on my own. It will be better if you look out for yourself.” With that, Kendall turned back and headed towards the library. A faint part of Kendall nagged on some unidentifiable feeling. Something inside of her told her that she was being controlled, that she was being dragged into this against her own will, but she was handicapped and was incapable of any reaction. When she got back to the criminology section, the green-eyed woman was already waiting there.