Back From The Dead(The Green Eyed Wraith Trilogy Book 3)

By: J. C. Skye

(Book 3, The Green-Eyed Wraith Trilogy)

Chapter 1

Jamie freaked out as she clutched the motionless body of her friend in her arms. She shook Kendall repeatedly to help her up. Kendall’s dorm room was littered with broken mirrors and old, dusty sorcery books. It smelled of candle wax and necromancy.

“Please don’t pass out on me, Kendall. Wake up please,” Jamie pleaded. “Oh, please, this is not how it was supposed to be? Kendall, please breathe. What do I do now? Someone, anyone help me please!”

She sobbed uncontrollably. Her salty tears fell on Kendall’s cheek. Then, like a miracle, Kendall opened her eyes.

“What happened,” she muttered weakly?

“Oh, you’re awake. I was so scared for a second.”

Jamie felt the life coming back to Kendall’s body. She hugged her tight and wept hysterically. She and Kendall had recently become close fries, and until this moment, Jamie didn’t realize just how close they had actually become. She genuinely cared about Kendall’s wellbeing, and wasn’t about to leave her like this.

“I am fine, but I don’t remember anything. What happened?” She asked while trying to sit up.

“Throw those books away, Kendall. They’re evil. Do you even realize what these books are making you become? The chanting, the praying,” she said, her voice trailing off. “I asked you not to. Why did you try to do this on your own,” Jamie questioned?

“Will you accept my apology, Jamie? I’m sorry, but I was tempted to try it. I tried to stay away, but I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to see someone, someone important to me from the past. Then, it worked. I felt the same sensation that I felt yesterday in the room that Becca took us to. When I turned around, I saw her, but then she asked me something. She asked me if I believed she was real. I answered ‘yes’ and then I don’t remember anything after that. What happened when you came in,” Kendall asked while panting?

Jamie listened to everything her friend was saying, but all the while she was thinking of how to pull her friend out of this mess. She had gone to the library after she left Kendall alone and rushed back with some important news. Yet, she never expected to find her like this.

“Just relax, Kendall. Try to get your strength back because I have got some news for you. First, I’ll tell you what I saw.” Jamie paused to take a deep breath. “When I came in here you were still chanting those lines. I tried stopping you, but you pushed me aside. It was like you were possessed.”

“I’m so sorry,” Kendall said, propping herself up against the wall.

“I went to see Mr. Mitchell, the librarian, to tell him about what happened yesterday to us. You won’t believe what he said.” Jamie stopped again to catch her breath. Then she said, “He completely denied suggesting that we summon the spirits. I tried to remind him, but he completely pushed me out. The assistant librarian was there and he even prohibited me from going to the library for a week. What did I do wrong? I was just asking him a few questions, and why did he deny everything that he had said? I’m telling you, Kendall, something is wrong with him and we better complain.”

“We have nothing against him, Jamie. What will be our reason of accusation? We have no proof that he told us to do this. We did it on our own, and we have to wait because there is nothing we can do now. He has all the rights to deny, because who wants to get in all the trouble? Realize how much news this would cause if these incidents ever get out,” Kendall warned her.

“This news should get out,” Jamie batted back. “Look at yourself in the mirror that is if you still have one left, and see what the process had done to you.” Jamie’s tone was sarcastic.

“I don’t blame Mr. Mitchell, not yet at least. We were the ones who went to him asking for help. He tried to give us a plan and it didn’t work for us, but I don’t understand why not. If Becca has been practicing these spells, why hadn’t it affected her, as it did to me? I need to know that,” Kendall affirmed. “There is some truth in what Mr. Mitchell told us. Maybe he was just covering his ass when he denied everything that you said. We can’t rule that out, can we?”

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