Animal Rage:Devil Dogs MC, Volume 3(34)

By: Kathryn Thomas

Isabel stands up and crosses over to Wesley, touched that he’s obviously thought a lot about this. She kisses him briefly on the lips before sitting down in front of her dressing room mirror. “It’s a great idea, Wes. And I really appreciate that you’ve thought it through. But there’s no way I can afford med school. Even on a scholarship, which I’d be lucky to get, there are still costs and the boarding house isn’t making enough yet to support me.” She shrugs, concentrating on applying a lick of mascara to each eye. She’s made her peace with the fact that she’s not going to be a surgeon; at least that’s what she tells herself. Sure there are days when she finds herself imagining what her life would be like if she could go back to school and start practicing, doing what she’d always wanted. But that was normal, wasn’t it? It is just a fantasy now.

She watches Wesley in the mirror as he continues pacing behind her. It’s clear he hasn’t finished whatever he wants to say.

“I have quite a lot of money saved, from the work I did with the Dogs; probably enough for your college tuition a few times over.” He shrugs when he catches her staring at his reflection in shock. “Like I said, I made good money.”

Isabel turns around to look at him, her mind still playing catch up with what he’s just told her. “Even if I could accept the money – which I can’t – I don’t think I could ever be comfortable using money I know has criminal ties. It just wouldn’t seem right.”

She grabs her purse, dropping her lipstick and cell inside and snapping it shut, as if that will put an end to the conversation. But Wesley has stopped dead in front of her and he clearly has no plans to go anywhere until he’s finished what he wants to say.

“I don’t want the money. I’ve never had any use for it. But this is a chance to give you what you need to get what you want; there’s no better reason to give it away.” He shrugs, pinning her with that serious stare of his. “This is a chance to use the money for something good, Bel. You’ve always wanted to save people, to fix people; this is your chance to do that. It’s what your mom would have wanted. You know that.”

His eagerness is endearing and not a little infectious. Isabel feels herself getting excited at the prospect of what he’s offering. “It wouldn’t be a gift. It would have to be a loan.” She bites her lip, willing herself not to get too carried away.

“You can call it whatever you want if it means that you’ll take it.” He takes her hands and lifts her to her feet, his eyes focused on her. “Isabel, I love you. Let me do this for you.” When she doesn’t say anything he gives her hands a little squeeze, bringing her back to reality. “So, Bel, what do you say?”

Isabel smiles up at him, her soul feeling lighter than it has in a very long time. “I say yes, Wes. I say yes. With you, it’s always yes.”