Animal Rage:Devil Dogs MC, Volume 3

By: Kathryn Thomas

ANIMAL RAGE: Devil Dogs MC (Book 3)


I’M AN ANIMAL WHO’LL break your heart.

She’s a good girl who took over her late mother’s boarding house.

She needed the money and I needed a place to stay.

But I’m the last person she should’ve let into her home.

Good girls like Isabel Bishop aren’t supposed to fall for animals like me.

She didn’t realize how hard things could get when she took over her late mother’s boarding house.

Tenants were few and far in between, and she was desperate for cash.

I was looking for a place to stay—somewhere to keep low and out of sight.

At first it was simple necessity.

But that was before I saw her delicious curves.

Before I tasted her sweet lips.

Before I felt her quivering underneath me.

She thought things were hard before?

I’m about to show her just how hard things can get.

Show her just how badly I will corrupt her.

How badly I will ruin her.

How badly I will devour her.


Isabel waits, letting Jamie absorb what she’s just told her. It’s a bombshell, but she’s confident her friend will rally in a few moments to ask the hundreds of questions she probably has spinning around her head. As they sit drinking coffee in the sunshine at the new hip deli that has just opened down the street from the boarding house, Isabel can’t help but scan the crowd.

The old neighborhood is buzzing with all the young professionals, the hipsters who have moved in and are slowly turning the area into one of those places people actually want to move to. But her eyes skip over all of them. There’s only one person she’s looking for, only one person she wants to see and he’s not here.

“So, he’s a biker, like Sons of Anarchy, super hot guys on motorbikes?” Jamie has always had a way of reducing things to the lowest common denominator.

Isabel rolls her eyes at her friend and shakes her head. “Well, the super hot guy part is right. But the key point you’re missing here is that Wesley’s a criminal.” It had taken a while for her to get her own brain around that important fact. It still isn’t an easy thing to accept.

“Right.” Jamie nods, tapping her perfectly manicured nails against her lips in her ‘thinking’ pose.

Isabel looks down at her own hands, with their nails bitten down to the quick, and she can’t help but feel a little like the least feminine person in the world next to her best friend who is as vibrant and colorful as a peacock.

“But, everything has shades of grey, Issy. It’s not all just black and white.” Jamie looks at her pointedly, knowing that monochrome is exactly how Isabel tends to see the world. Her scientific mind won’t let it be any other way. “There are the mugging-old-lady type of criminals and then there are the stealing-a-loaf-of-bread-to-feed-their-family type and a whole lot in between.”

Isabel smiles at the way Jamie has of seeing the romance in everything. She’s missed having her best friend around. “I’m pretty sure he’s never mugged anyone’s grandma.” She shakes her head. “From the little he told me, he only deals with bad guys of one type or another – rival gangs, people mixed up in drug deals, that kind of thing.”

“So he only did bad stuff to people who deserved it!” Jamie lifts her spoon as if in victory. “That is definitely something I can get on board with.”

Isabel shakes her head at her friend who seems far too pleased with her conclusion. “It still doesn’t make it legal or right, Jamie. Besides, I’m pretty sure the people he works for are bad guys, too, so I don’t know where that leaves him. I shouldn’t have been okay with housing a criminal. I know that. Hell, I’m so by the book it’s not even funny.” Jamie nods in agreement. “I should have turned him in or at least thrown him out of the boarding house when I found out what he did. But I didn’t. I didn’t even come close.” She sighs deeply. “Anyway, it’s not like it matters anymore.”

Jamie sets her cappuccino back down. “And why doesn’t it matter? You’re clearly crazy about this guy, even if you refuse to admit it.”