Anders's Angel:Heroes for Hire, Book 16(6)

By: Dale Mayer

At the mention of “legendary,” they laughed. Appropriate, since they all worked for Legendary Security.

“She fits in well,” Anders said.

“So the timing will be tight, depending on weather with the guides coming,” Anders said. “Did they say what we would need for supplies, special gear? Anything helpful?”

“They were perturbed we wanted to leave in the morning,” Reyes said. “They said they had some supplies, but their choice would be to go up the day after.”

Anders rapped his fingers on the wall he leaned against. “That’s a possibility,” he said. “We haven’t heard back from Levi about the helicopter. We thought that would be faster.”

“Yes, but, with the weather coming toward us, I doubt that’ll work, even if a helicopter is approved and available to us.”

“I’ve been trying to get an updated weather forecast,” Anders said. “But it’s taking time.”

“The guides said a storm is coming. They don’t like the idea of us going up at all.”

Anders frowned. “And that takes us back to the earlier question. Will anybody else try to take her out while we’re waiting for the storm to clear? The last thing we want is to get up there and find out she and her team have been massacred because we were being cautious.”

“True enough, but we also know what Levi says, that there’s no point in saving the client if we kill ourselves.”

Anders stared at him. “And yet, the motto has always been to live and to serve, so it’s almost second nature for all of us to put ourselves in harm’s way in order to save somebody else, especially a civilian.”

“Sure, but none of us are in the navy anymore,” Reyes said, smacking Anders on the shoulder. “But it’s damn good to see you. I figured by now you’d be married with a kid on the way.”

“Why the hell would you think that?” Anders asked in shock. “The last thing I’m doing is following in everybody else’s footsteps.”

Reyes opened his arms and said, “Hey, I’m open and willing. Michelle and I broke up about six months ago. I have to admit. It hit me pretty hard, but I’m ready to get back in the saddle.”

“Ouch. Sorry, dude. You and Michelle were together what? Four years?”

Reyes nodded. “She decided we were just friends, and she wanted more excitement in her life,” Reyes said with a shake of his head. “Here I thought being good friends meant you knew each other inside and out. Who knew it just meant all the spark had worn off.”

“I think she’s wrong. I don’t think the spark was there to begin with if it wore off like that.”

“I sure as hell don’t understand any of it,” Reyes said with a snort. “I’m up for a lot more excitement in life than anything I’ve seen so far. So I thought Michelle and I were doing just fine. It’s a shock to see what I thought versus what she thought of our relationship.”

“I think that’s all too common,” Anders said, getting up to watch Harrison work his magic in the kitchen. “Let’s see if the guys need a hand.”

“You guys talking girl talk?” Harrison asked as they walked in.

“Just that I’m single,” Reyes said. “Now that we’ve joined Levi’s group though, maybe I’ll get lucky.”

Dezi said with a smirk, “I tell you, his team is becoming legendary for matchmaking too. It’s as bloody bad as Mason’s group. Although it’s more like Cupid has chosen to sit in residence within those two groups and to play matchmaker himself.”

“It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?” Harrison said. “On the other hand it doesn’t really matter because, when fate dumps the right person in front of you, you can fight it all you want, but it’s already over.”

“Maybe,” Reyes said, the doubt evident in his tone. “That doesn’t mean you’ll recognize the right thing just because it’s in front of you.”

Harrison nodded. “That’s quite true. It’s not that easy to always know what you’re supposed to do, what you could do, what’s the best thing to do. I think, once you know it though, you know it.”