Anders's Angel:Heroes for Hire, Book 16(5)

By: Dale Mayer

“What’s the chance we can use a helicopter for pickup?”

Anders looked up and grinned. “I imagine we’ll be drop-shipped close to the cabin, and we’ll be on our own after that.”

“Right. I’m looking forward to this.”

Anders picked up his phone and once again dialed Angelica’s number. This time he heard a crackling on the other end as somebody tried to answer it.

“Hello? Hello?”

He walked over toward Harrison. “Hello, Angelica. It’s Anders. I’ve been sent by your father to collect you.”

“Hello? Hello? Collect? What’s the matter?”

He could hear her voice breaking up and knew his must be doing the same thing. She was clearly confused as to who and what he was calling about. He tried again. Instead the response was just, “Hello? Hello?” And then he heard a click, and the phone went dead. He groaned and said, “Apparently phone service doesn’t work so well with Angelica right now.”

“Just because it’s clear down here doesn’t mean it’s clear up there,” Harrison said, pointing to the gray clouds over the top of the mountain. “She could be in the middle of a storm.”

“At least we know she’s alive at the moment.”

“So let’s see if we can get a helicopter first thing in the morning. If we can do a pickup at the same time, that’s the easiest. It’s also the most expensive.”

“We need approval from Levi first.”

“True enough.”

At that, sounds came at the front of the cabin again. The two men looked at each other and slowly approached. With Harrison once again standing guard, Anders opened the door to find the rest of their team.

Reyes and Dezi unloaded their bags from their rented vehicle and walked up to the front door.

Inside, Dezi turned and said, “We did contact two guides,” he looked at his watch, “for the best route to take, given the current weather. Apparently the hillside is completely covered in trails, and it’s easy to get lost.”

“And here we were thinking it would be easy,” Anders said. “Because these trails are supposedly already well-marked.”

“That’s what we thought too originally,” Reyes said. “But then we realized just how many different trails there are.”

“We are also contemplating a helicopter,” Harrison said. “I have a call in to Levi.”

“Oh, that’s an interesting thought,” Reyes said. “It will be faster. It’s supposed to be a day up to the first camp and a second day up to their camp for nonpros. Although the weather is getting worse and could change that time line.”

“And that’s something to consider too. The helicopter issue is not just about cost. It’s also availability. And the weather.”

“Did anybody consider,” Dezi asked, “whoever is after her will have the same problems we are?”

All the men nodded.

“We considered it. The job is to retrieve her—and we need to do it before anybody else gets to her.”

“We also picked up groceries,” Dezi said. “I don’t know about you guys, but my stomach is already empty.”

Anders laughed out loud. “Now that’s your stomach for you. You’re always hungry.”

“What did you pick up?” Harrison asked with interest. “We’ve got a full kitchen, but we don’t have much in the way of food.”

“Pasta, ham, eggs,” Dezi said. “I brought ingredients for a prosciutto carbonara dinner, and ham and eggs for breakfast along with toast.”

“That works,” Harrison said, hopping to his feet. “Did you pick up onions and garlic?”

“Picked up shallots instead. Two for one there,” Dezi said with a laugh.

The two men wrangled gently as they walked into the kitchen to start dinner.

Anders watched them. “At least you two can cook.”

“You can too,” Harrison said. “I see you sneaking in to help Bailey every once in a while.”

Anders snorted. “Yeah. I’m sneaking in all right, and that’s to steal cinnamon buns every chance I get.”

“Man, I tell you,” Reyes said with a chuckle, “Bailey’s cinnamon buns have become legendary.”