Alpha Province: Puppet Strings(91)

By: Becca Van

Sage gave herself over to her men as she pleasured Dax, sucking, licking, and lapping at his cock.

The pressure inside grew fast. The coil wound tighter, and moments later she was flying. Her mates followed her seconds later as they all came together.

She gulped down Dax’s cream, shaking and shivering as euphoria gripped her. Bladen shouted as he spumed cum into her pussy and womb, and Cason roared as he shot load after load of cum into her ass.

They all collapsed in a heap as they regained their breath. She groaned minutes later when Cason eased his cock from her ass and Bladen rolled them onto their sides, his softening dick slipping from her body.

Dax must have taken a trip to the bathroom because when Bladen lifted her thigh, Dax wiped her pussy and ass clean before throwing the cloth toward the floor.

Bladen lifted her into his arms, once more holding her on his lap. “I love you, Sage Garland. Will you marry me?”

Dax crawled toward her, looking nervous and vulnerable. He clasped one of her hands between two of his. “I love you, sprite. Please, marry me!”

Her lips twitched with amusement. Dax had demanded instead of asked, but she wasn’t upset in the least. In fact, she was ecstatically happy.

Cason cleared his throat as he threaded his fingers with her free hand. “Would you please marry me, sweetheart? I love you so fucking much.”

She swallowed around the lump in her throat, ignoring the tears of joy trickling down her face.

“You’ve all given me so much. You’ve shown me how to love and to dream again. You’ve given me the world, and I love you all so much.” She drew in a steadying breath when the last word she spoken came out on a sob. Placing her hand over her heart, she met each of her mates’ gazes. “I would be so honored to marry all of you.”

She looked down when Dax slid a ring onto her finger. It was so beautiful another sob escaped from between her parted lips. There was a large diamond in a white gold setting with two smaller diamonds on either side.

“Oh. Thank you. It’s beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you are, mate.”

Bladen, Cason, and Dax hugged her between them.

The ring was absolutely perfect.

If she had the chance, she wouldn’t change anything about her men. Even though she loved the ring, she loved her mates more. They were her imperfect tiger shifters, and she loved them to the moon and back.