Alpha Province: Puppet Strings(6)

By: Becca Van

Most of the world’s population had no idea shifters even existed. It was an unspoken rule that none of them changed or showed their animalistic tendencies around the human population.

He bit the inside of his cheek when his hard cock twitched against his zipper and started leaking pre-cum. If he hadn’t heard Bladen talking to her, he would have stood there staring at her like a lead statue for hours. His heart flipped in his chest, and he gasped when she turned to face his brother. She was slim and petite yet had the sexiest curves he’d ever seen. Her hair, finely arched brows, and eyelashes were dark, but her eyes were as blue as a clear summer sky. Possessiveness surged into his heart and soul. She was their mate, and he was going to do everything within his power to make her theirs.

Failing wasn’t an option.

Chapter Two

“I’ve got a job for you,” Rod McGill spoke as soon as the phone was answered.


“I’m going to send you a name and photo. You’re going to find that slut and take her out.”

“How much are you offering?”

“Keeping you from standing trial and ten large ones to get you started in another city,” Rod snarled.

“Make it fifty.”

“Deal.” The phone was disconnected.

Rod had a seething cauldron in his gut. Stewart had lost his job at the prestigious lawyers firm he’d worked for. His son had had to move back home since he couldn’t afford to pay his rent in the high-class penthouse he’d been living in. Even though Stewart had applied for other jobs, no one would take him on. His son’s life had been ruined because of that slut, and she was going to pay if it took him the rest of his life.

He’d had to lay low because of his position and the case. He’d wanted to follow that bitch and take her out himself, but the investigating officer had taken photos and was sympathetic toward the victim. Apparently, the fucker didn’t give a shit that Rod could ruin his life. It would be so easy to plant evidence and get the dickhead arrested, but he needed to wait a few months until the furor had died down.

When the media had moved onto something bigger and better, he would make his move. He just hoped he hadn’t waited too long to decide what he wanted to do. There was no way in hell he was getting his hands dirty, and it had taken him a few weeks to figure out a plan and who to use as a scapegoat. One of the assholes he’d chosen to go after the slut looked enough like his son that mistaken identity could be the cause of confusion. By the time he was done, that slut would be six feet under, and his son’s good name and reputation would be the epitome of everything it once was.

Rod drew in a deep breath, trying to get his rage under control. He was the prosecuting DA for the hirelings’ murder case, and since he’d needed to visit the bastard to try and make a deal, he’d handed him a burner phone under the table. There’d been no numbers programmed into the cell phone, and he’d used another burner phone to contact him.

Rod rubbed his tired eyes and glanced at his Rolex watch. It was just after three in the morning. He quickly sent the bitch’s photo and file to his contact with a short message. Delete after memorizing. Get rid of the sim, battery, and phone. I’ll be in touch.

Rubbing his hands together with anticipation, he rose and headed for bed.

He’d do anything to clear his son’s good name. He just wished he could be there to see the fear on the slut’s face when she realized she was about to die.

* * * *

Cason now understood why his inner tiger had been acting so strangely. He had a feeling his beast had known their mate was coming, which had caused the aggressive restlessness. Even though he was glad she was finally here, he was in a quandary. He and his brothers weren’t cut from the same cloth as the other shifters. They didn’t like being around a lot of people, and while the other men were of the same mind, they were more reclusive and unsocial than the rest.

He wasn’t sure he and his brothers were good enough for such a beautiful, talented woman, and though he knew they should walk away, leave her to find someone worthy of her, he couldn’t.

Just the thought of his mate with another man had his tiger surging forth and the hackles on the back of his neck standing on end.