Alexandru's Kiss (Magic, New Mexico #3)(7)

By: S. E. Smith

The speed of his ascent didn’t decrease until he was pulled over the edge and back onto the road. He rolled several times before he released the rope. Lying on his back, he stared up at the leafy canopy overhead. Thick branches covered in dark red, orange, and yellow leaves swayed in the breeze. Drawing in a deep breath, he held it when the trees were blocked by another sight – the short muzzle of one of the animals that he had tried to escape just minutes before.

“Oh shit,” he cursed.

“Jo na ta. Nita la bay,” a low, feminine voice demanded. “Jo na ta!”

Alexandru’s eyes slowly focused on the figure of a woman as she stepped close to where he lay. It took a moment for his foggy brain to recognize that she was holding a bow in her hand. He blinked several times, his gaze traveling over her face. Her clear, green eyes gazed back at him with a look of suspicion and mistrust. Her hair was blonde with streaks of blue through it. She was wearing a black shirt with a light brown leather vest. His gaze moved down her body, noting the black pants and boots before he raised his gaze to lock with hers.

He opened his mouth to thank her but the words were never uttered. Instead, his head snapped back when she swung the end of her bow and it connected with his chin. The thought that if his head didn’t explode it would be a miracle crossed his mind before darkness once again danced across his vision and he lost consciousness once more.

“Nonny, surely someone can see where I sent Alexandru!” Tory anxiously asked.

Her grandmother shook her head and waved her hands over the crystal ball in front of her. Clouds swirled but nothing appeared. Frustrated by the lack of a vision, Tory leaned forward and knocked on the crystal ball. She glared at the face that appeared.

“Where is he? Surely if anyone can find him, you can!” Tory demanded.

The face in the crystal ball glared back at her. “It would help if you remembered the spell you cast! Do you have any idea how many worlds and dimensions there are?” the crystal ball retorted.

“Lots?” Tory asked with a doubtful look.

“Have you asked the magic mirror?” the crystal ball suggested in exasperation.

“Yes, and the wishing well, and Daddy checked the wardrobe,” Tory said in resignation.

“He’ll be alright. It will give him time to calm down,” Simon said, wincing when Tory elbowed him in his tender ribs.

“Oh, sorry. I should have kicked you instead,” Tory said, directing a sympathetic look at him.

“Simon’s fine. Werewolves heal quickly. Look at how many times I’ve thrown Maverick off the roof,” Charles Carson replied.

“Charles,” Sophie chided, glancing at her husband with a shake of her head before turning back to Tory. “Honey, do you remember any of the words you said?”

Tory frowned and concentrated before shaking her head in defeat. “He was hurting Simon. All I could think about was separating them. I know I said ‘far, far away’, but that is all I can remember,” she said with an angry swipe at the tear that escaped.

“Well, Alexandru is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. He’s half warlock, half vampire. That makes him pretty indestructible,” Charles chuckled. “It isn’t like you’ve never used a far, far away spell on him before. No matter where you sent him, he always found a way back.”

“Yes, thank goodness. Alexandru is much better at magic than Tory,” Sophie replied with a nod.

“Aura, how is Youssef?” Sophie asked.

“He is sleeping. Nonny’s healing spell should have him right as rain in a few days,” Aura replied, stroking a strand of her long hair in distraction. “I… I need to talk with my sisters.”

“Aura, do you know if Alexandru is alright?” Tory asked, staring at her godmother with pleading eyes.

Aura frowned for a moment and ran her fingers down over a different strand of her hair. She fingered each silky thread until she came to the one she wanted. Pulling it around in front of her, she stroked it several times. Tory waited anxiously for Aura to tell her what she saw. She had learned a long time ago not to push one of the Fates. They answered when they were ready to answer.

“He is far, far away…. You did a very good job on this spell, Tory. He must complete this journey alone. When the time is right, he will find his way home,” Aura said in a soft, dreamlike voice before she blinked. “I must talk to my sisters. Congratulations, Tory, Simon. We can’t wait to see the boys.”

“Boys? What boys?” Simon asked with a frown.

“Your twins,” Aura replied before she disappeared.

Tory sat frozen in her seat. Her eyes widened and her hand moved down to her stomach in disbelief. Sure enough, she felt not one, but two small sparks of life under her hand. Blinking, she turned dazed eyes up to stare at Simon. Her lips parted in shock as she absorbed that they were going to be parents. Simon reached over and gripped her hand in his.