Alexandru's Kiss (Magic, New Mexico #3)

By: S. E. Smith

Far from home…

* * *

Alexandru Carson has a major problem and it isn’t with the woman who captured him - it is the fact that he can’t remember anything but his name. Confused by his inability to remember, he doesn’t know where he is or how he ended up in the middle of a forest that feels bizarrely alien to him. If being lost wasn’t bad enough, his fascination with and attraction to his captor is making the situation even more frustrating as he tries to unravel the mystery of what happened.

Ka’ya Stargazer is an outcast among her tribe. Born with the mark of the Huntress, she is feared for her ability as a warrior even while she is a prisoner of the tribe who shuns her. When she discovers an injured man on a scouting trip, she is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever.

Alexandru’s kiss leaves Ka’ya craving for more than her life as a warrior. Yet, even as they grow closer, there are powerful forces threatening to rip them apart. Will Alexandru accept Ka’ya’s claim on him, or will she lose him forever when he regains his memory and discovers he does not belong in her world?


Alexandru Carson watched from the shadows of a Juniper tree as two men approached his parents’ house. He had been waiting for one of the men – the tall man with the blond hair and an aristocratic air that clung to him. An aura of power and danger surrounded Simon Drayton. It spoke of someone who had lived for a very long time.

If Alexandru had his way, that life was about to come to a very painful end. A sardonic smile curved Alexandru’s lips. Simon was so focused on his destination that the possibility of walking into a trap was the furthest thing from his mind.

His gaze moved over the dark-haired man walking beside Simon. Alexandru had spoken with Simon’s personal bodyguard on many different occasions. Youssef Sharif was a quiet, dark-skinned man, and Simon respected the man’s attention to detail. It was obvious that Youssef was aware of what Simon was, yet he remained loyal to the man. Alexandru hoped it would not be a loyalty that cost the younger man his life. Youssef Sharif was human and of little threat to immortals like Simon and him.

Alexandru’s eyes narrowed when Simon stepped first onto the path near the front steps of the house. On silent feet, Alexandru surged forward. He struck Simon hard in the side, lifting him up into the air, before tossing him away from the steps. If Simon had been human, the blow to his side would have broken several ribs – but, Simon wasn’t human. Even as he twisted in the air, Simon shifted, the beast inside him recognizing he was in danger.

Alexandru circled around the enraged werewolf. Hatred burned through him when he thought of what Simon had done to his little sister, Tory. The fire of his magic licked through his veins. It grew more intense when Simon sniffed the air, searching for Tory. Determined to pull Simon’s attention away from his sister, Alexandru sent a powerful burst of electricity toward the werewolf. Simon jumped at the last second, barely avoiding the stunning electrical surge.

“I knew you would come,” Alexandru snarled. “I hope Youssef told you that I plan to kill you. Youssef, I would stay out of this fight,” Alexandru added when he saw Youssef start to take a step forward. “I have no desire to kill you.”

His gaze flickered to the handgun in Youssef’s hand. With a snap of his fingers, the gun disappeared. The clear threat drew a soft, menacing growl from Simon.

“She doesn’t want to see you, Simon,” Alexandru continued. “I’m just going to make sure she never has to worry about you coming near her – ever again.”

In the split second before Simon charged, he saw the tension grow in the werewolf’s body. Simon’s back paws kicked up bits of dark, red clay, grass, and rocks, scattering them behind him. The nails of his front paws grew longer and cut deep grooves into the soil.

Alexandru braced himself. The second Simon lunged forward, Alexandru leaped to meet him half way. The two figures collided. Simon knocked Alexandru back several feet, but Alexandru was able to twist and wrap his hands around Simon’s throat.

He jerked his head back when Simon snapped at him. The heated breath and snapping jaws was a powerful reminder that one bite could inflict serious or fatal damage. The force of Simon pushing his massive back legs against the ground had both men struggling for purchase where they grappled. Alexandru felt his grip loosening on the werewolf, and he twisted, extending his canines and slashing his fangs across Simon’s left ear.

“You are dead, Simon. What you did to Tory…. The penalty is death,” Alexandru snapped in fury, throwing Simon to the side.

“Mr. Carson,” Youssef interjected from his position a safe distance from the fighting pair. ”Your sister returns Simon’s affections. She is his mate.”