Against the Heart(33)

By: Kat Martin

Ian smiled. Meri was working as his bookkeeper/ receptionist/secretary, and generally running his office, which was great. She was enjoying the job and she was good at it. She could set her own hours so she had plenty of time to be with Lily.

Plenty of time to be with him. He grinned to think of the hours they’d been spending in bed, how many times he’d made her late for work in the mornings, how she would blush when he teased her about it.

He had already filed for Lily’s adoption, and though it wasn’t official, he was certain the paperwork would go through fairly quickly. Lily already called him Daddy. Daniel had insisted she call him Grandpa, which, every time she said it, made him smile.

Daniel and Heddy were an item. Heddy had insisted Daniel take down the fences between their properties so the horses, including the new ones his dad had purchased, could roam free.

As a wedding gift, she had given Sunny to Ian and Meri. Though the stallion would be staying at his dad’s place, it was one of the best gifts he’d ever received.

Everything was going smoothly. And though Ian loved his wife and being married, he was glad to be working. He ran a private security firm. In a city the size of Seattle, he had plenty of business, and he liked the people he worked with, particularly liked working with some of his family.

Two of his best PIs were his cousins. Ethan and Luke Brodie were men he could count on. Down the road, he was thinking he might even open another office.

For the moment, however, he was content.

Ian checked his watch. It was six o’clock. Meri had left at five to pick up Lily. As Ian headed for the door, he smiled. By the time he got home, Meri would be starting supper. Lily would be watching for his car to drive up.

He was heading home to his family.

Ian could hardly wait.


I hope you enjoyed Ian and Meri in AGAINST THE HEART. I wrote this novella to introduce you to the Brodies. Ty Brodie, a private investigator, appeared in AGAINST THE MARK. His cousin Dylan’s story, AGAINST THE WILD, is the first of three books about the Brodie brothers of Alaska. Nick’s story, AGAINST THE SKY, is second, then Rafe Brodie in AGAINST THE TIDE. All three are high-action, sexy, romantic suspense novels.

As I continued to write books about the handsome, virile, incredibly hunky men in my AGAINST books, I decided to do more novels featuring the Brodies, and maybe a few of their friends. I hope you’ll join the fun and that you’ll watch for AGAINST THE WILD, AGAINST THE SKY, AGAINST THE TIDE, and future novels in my AGAINST series.

Till then, all best and happy reading, Kat

Here's a taste of the next book in the AGAINST series...


(coming June 2014)


The low moaning of the wind awakened him. The old fishing lodge, constructed in the thirties, was built of hand-hewn logs, the chinking between them worn by time and weather, leaving spaces for the air to blow through. An eerie keening echoed inside the house, a chilling sound that sent shivers down Dylan’s spine.

Just the wind, he reminded himself. Nothing to do with stories of ghosts and hauntings. Just an inconvenience, nothing more.

Still, he had Emily to think of. Dylan Brodie swung his long legs to the side of the bed, shrugged into his heavy flannel robe, and padded barefoot down the hall toward his daughter’s bedroom.

The lodge he’d purchased earlier in the spring was big and sprawling, two stories high, with a separate family wing for the owner, another for the prestigious guests it had once hosted, back in its heyday in the thirties. The living room was big and open, exposing fourteen-inch logs in the ceiling. A massive river rock fireplace climbed one wall, a second, smaller version warmed the sitting room in the master suite.

Dylan had fallen in love with the place the moment he had seen it, perched on Eagle Bay like a guardian of the two hundred forested acres around it.

Old legends be damned. He didn’t believe in ghosts or any of the Indian myths he had heard. He’d waited years to find the perfect spot for his guided fishing and family vacation business, and this was the place.

The wind picked up as he moved down the hall, the air sliding over rough wood, whistling through the eves, the branches on the trees shifting eerily against the window panes. Dylan picked up his pace, worried the noise would frighten Emily, though so far his eight-year-old daughter seemed more at ease in the lodge than he was.