A Pawn for Malice(66)

By: Cynthia Roberts

She reached for his hands, drew them to her lips, and kissed them tenderly. She couldn’t stop the tears that misted her eyes. She knew she wasn’t going to cry … outright sob anyway. She was just overwhelmed by the emotion she felt for this man.

“When I was alone, in that cave, I couldn’t stop thinking of you. The thought of my time spent with you played over and over in my mind. Those thoughts of you kept me going and gave me strength, and made me smile, and want to get through it all. It also made me realize, how much I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

His eyes misted like a beautiful, blue ocean, and she knew in her heart, he felt the same. She wanted to hear the words … words she had never heard spoken before. At that very moment, she needed all he could give. And, he did not disappoint her, or keep her waiting long.

“I want to feel the breath from your lips caress my skin forever. I want to lie with you in my arms at night, in a home we create as our own. I want to be the father of our children, your lover, your husband, and the only closest friend you’ll ever need.”

Her breath hitched in her throat at his words and she gasped, as he pulled a tiny, velvet box from his pants pocket.

He opened the lid, and she saw the embossed name ‘Neal Lane’ at first and then the most gorgeous Emerald-cut yellow diamond. She didn’t give him time to ask the question. The look in his eyes spoke volumes. She threw her arms tightly about his neck and lathered his face with sweet kisses as she lyrically spoke, “Yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.”

The End