A Pawn for Malice(64)

By: Cynthia Roberts

“You are one, sick, bastard, Hal Wilton. If you’re really smart, though, you’ll just turn around and leave. Bryan knows where I am. The phone I have tucked inside my bra, has a follow me app loaded into it.”

There was doubt reflected there in his eyes. She gave him good reason to leave and walk away. He had a lot at stake. If, he got caught, he would lose everything it took him his whole life to build. His reputation would be destroyed. Spending the rest of his life behind bars, would kill him.

A small smile began to grace to his lips. She didn’t let up.

“Ah. Ah. Ah,” she shook her head in warning. “You’d be a fool to doubt me. You’ve been outsmarted. Leave now, while you’ve still got time.”

There was movement behind him, that caught her attention, and Jessica tried not to react.

Morris quietly stepped over the threshold, stood quietly in the doorway, with a look of hatred marring his features, she never expected to ever see there. His arm was extended and his hand was holding her gun. It was pointed directly at Hal’s back.

She willed him to shoot, before Hal noticed, but, his hesitation proved a deadly one.

She quickly realized, she was standing before an opened area with a double bathroom vanity behind her. She knew Hal saw his reflection in the mirror behind her. She also knew, that he saw Morris standing there behind him, a gun pointed at his back.

A slow, evil, grin graced Hal’s lips.

Jessica never had the chance to scream out a warning.

Hal spun about and fired.

It was as though everything, that happened, moved in slow motion, as she watched Morris’ body fly backwards.

She screamed, like a woman possessed, as she bolted forward, slamming her body into the bastard, with everything she had within her.

It was like some demonic being took control of her body. She wasn’t Jessica Wilton anymore; she was someone else.

Hal went down hard. The wind knocked from his lungs.

She flipped over onto her back, pounding the heels of her feet into him with every ounce of strength imaginable. The adrenalin pumping through her veins, gave her the courage and strength she needed to continue.

She was fixated on killing him, as her heels contacted with his throat, his chest, his stomach, the side of his head, leaving ghastly puncture wounds. She could not stop herself. She did not want to. Everything he put her through, the child she lost, her kidnapping, being held prisoner in the cave for days, spurred her on.

She was turned into some one, she did not recognize.

She never saw, or heard Ayden and Bryan enter. Never heard him call out her name. Never felt his arms wrap tightly about her and drag her away from Hal’s lifeless body. She never knew, when everything finally went black and the silence engulfed her completely.


Jessica didn’t want to open her eyes. The dream was too real. The mattress beneath her was so comfortable and the coverlet tucked around her body, was thick and warm.

Please, she begged silently. Let me dream for just a little while longer.

There were consistent noises, starting to penetrate deep into her subconscious, trying desperately to rouse her.

Go away. Please, just go away.

The voice calling to her though was inviting and familiar. It tugged at her heart, made her want to listen.

“Jessica, please, sweetheart … open your eyes. You’re safe, honey. Please, just open your eyes.”

She heard him.

Or, did she, really, her inner voice questioned?

She whimpered in her sleep. She could see his face.

Why can’t you find me?

Something warm caressed her cheek, and the touch made her want to open her eyes. Slowly, her eyelids slid open. There was light again. This time, it didn’t hurt her eyes. She heard the voice again. She knew it was his. It was Bryan, and his name slipped from her lips in a soft whisper.

“Hey, you, sleepy head.”

A smile caressed her lips, when her eyes focused, and those gorgeous blue orbs of his greeted her.

He leaned in close, touched his lips to hers, to let her know it was no longer a dream, but something beautifully real.

She was fully awake now and aware that others were in the room. She looked about and a puzzled look was on her face.

Her Aunt stepped forward, and clasped Jessica’s hand tenderly in her own.

“Hello, sweet girl.”

Jessica smiled softly.

“You’re in a private room, dear, at Cobleskill Regional Hospital. When the doctor tells us you’re your strong enough to travel, we’ll fly you home.”

Her voice was weak, but audible as she replied, “I’m strong enough.”

Soft laughter filled the air, and her Aunt’s broad smile, made her smile again too.

“Want to sit up, dear?”

Jessica nodded and Bryan assisted her.