A Pawn for Malice(63)

By: Cynthia Roberts

Was there someone waiting in one of those rooms for her? Did he ransom her off to a sex trafficker instead? Was that where Bryan was waiting for her?

Oh, God, no!

Her voice screamed inside her head. She stopped dead, refusing to move. Pushing back against him, and could not help, but whimper.

He punched her square between her shoulder blades, just hard enough to force her forward. His laughter was demonic and her skin began to prickle with fear.

“Got a surprise for you, princess.” He cackled like the Wicked Witch on the Wizard of Oz.

She couldn’t stop the tears that began to flow from her eyes. This didn’t feel right. Even though he told Bryan to bring his money for her, she knew, that Bryan would have met her the minute she came off that elevator. He would have ended it there.

He stopped her in front of room two-eighteen, turned the doorknob, and pushed her inside. The room was dark and empty. He flipped the switch on the wall to the right, and the room filled with light from a muted bulb. He kicked the door closed behind him and pushed her forward hard, and she fell face down on the bed.

Something inside her kicked into gear, and she flipped herself around, quicker than she thought she could. She remembered her self-defense trainer had told her it would happen. Her defense mode, would flip that switch inside her to protect herself. The moment he got close enough, she mustered every ounce of strength inside of her, and turned her legs into deadly weapons.

Her movements took him totally by surprise, hitting home with striking force.

“You fucking, bitch!” He screamed, as he fell backwards from a well-directed kick to the gut.

Jessica scooted quickly off the bed, balancing herself, ready to strike once more.

Corbat rolled to his side, coughing, and gasping air into his lungs.

His body was sprawled in a way, it blocked her in. She knew, if she moved to the left, he was close enough to reach out and grab her ankle. If she tried shuffling to the right, he could use this thick legs to kick out at her. She waited … waited for him to lift himself up just enough, she’d turn her hip out, side kick out, and have her heel slam him to the side of his head.

The wall clock in the room began to chime the hour, and her head snapped up to note the time … it was ten o’clock,

The door to the room flew open and Jessica’s eyes grew wide with horror.

Hal! Dear god, no!

Her eyes would not, could not, revert from his gaze. She watched as his eyes quickly absorbed the situation, reflecting the anger that filled him over what was transpiring in front of him. They scanned over her like an x-ray and his disgust at her appearance was evident.

Without hesitation, without asking what was going on, he slipped his hand inside his breast pocket. He was impeccably dressed in a well-tailored, light grey silk suit. Quickly, he removed a revolver, aimed, and shot Sy Corbat, point blank in the back of his head.

Blood and brain matter splattered on her pant legs and his. She looked down in horror and started to hyperventilate. Her loud moans were muted by the rag still in her mouth. She staggered backward and caught herself.

Hal looked down at the blood stains, and his rage increased. He shot two more bullets into the dead man’s body, to vent his anger. Slowly, his gaze traveled the length of her.

Her eyes widened in shocked disbelief.

He shrugged, as though his actions meant nothing and his tone conveyed his discontent.

“This is not the meeting I had planned for us, sweetheart.”

She shot him a look filled with loathing.

He stepped forward, reached for the cloth gagging her mouth, and snapped it out. He held it between his fingers like it was a dirty diaper and let it fall to the floor. He grabbed Corbat’s ankles, pulling him off to the side to clear her path.

Jessica reacted immediately, threw herself sideways, rolling across to the other side of the bed. There was plenty of room for her to take a stance. He had to come toward her, and she would take him down, just like she did Corbat.

She looked at the gun in his hand and he sneered. She wasn’t stupid. This was a challenge for him. She knew, that as sure as she was standing there, he wouldn’t use the gun on her. He wanted her. She was game. He was a hunter. The fun for him, would be disarming her. The look in his eyes told her so. She had to be careful with her words. Her defiance titillated him.

“I won’t give up so easily. Not this time, Hal. I’m not the scared, little mouse I was before.”

“Ah, yes. I see,” he nodded approvingly. “I rather like you this way.” He reached down and touched himself, running his palm over the bulge, that she noticed began to grow inside his pants. “See what you do to me, Jessica. Seeing you like this, all defensive, ready to fight for your virtue, gets me hard.”