A Pawn for Malice(61)

By: Cynthia Roberts

Once Corbat left her, she couldn’t stop crying about the ever-expectant joy of seeing Bryan again, holding him, kissing him, and telling him how much she had fallen in love with him. Hearing his voice, had given her renewed hope. There was something in the tone of it though, something in what he said, that made her believe, the signal on her phone had worked and he knew where she was.

What was it? She wracked her brain to try and remember.

Their conversation had been brief. It hadn’t lasted any more than two minutes, at the most. She thought for a moment, trying to think back, as to what he had said to her … how he said it … how adamant he was.

Corbat wasn’t a stupid man. He warned Bryan he had him on speaker and; she knew Bryan would play it smart and be careful with the exchange between he and her.

The first words he had spoken, made her cry though. She didn’t want to. She wanted him to know she was wrong. She couldn’t help it, when the tears started to flow, and her voice cracked with emotion.

“You okay, honey?”

“Bryan, oh god, Bryan!”

“It’s all going to work out, babe. Just stay calm. I’ve got you. Do you hear me, Jessica? I’ve got you.”

She wanted to say more, tell him she loved him. But, Corbat had pulled the cell away from her ear. She wanted to kick out at him, but didn’t have the strength, when he began to mimic, what Bryan had said to her. The sneer on his face, made her temper boil and, she wanted to slap it off his face, so hard, that his teeth would have shattered.

“I’ve got you, babe. How sweet,” Corbat whined and then threatened, “Just make sure you got my fucking money tomorrow night!”

He knows where I am. Bryan knows where I am. I’m sure of it.

She believed it. She had too. She couldn’t crack now. She believed in her heart that Bryan was acting on those primal detective instincts of his. He had all those years of experience under his belt. Just the confident tone of his voice signaled something inside of her, he was close. He would rescue her. They would be together again.

She had to make sure, that would happen also. She had to do everything she could, take every precaution, to make her rescue possible. Now that she knew the tracking app on her phone was working, Jessica removed it from her hiding place and tucked it inside her bra. She knew she was going to be moved tonight at ten o’clock.

Morris had told her that earlier, when he brought her a fresh bottle of water, hot cup of coffee, and an egg and sausage sandwich from the local McDonalds. The only thing he didn’t know was why she was being moved, where she was being taken, and if it was Bryan she was being handed over too.

Morris had also given her an old Timex watch that morning, so she could keep track of what time it was.

Nearly two hours had already passed, since he left. All she had time for, was reflection.

Each time Morris had visited her, he opened like a flower waking to the morning sun. He told her about his childhood. He confided in her about the many difficulties he managed to survive through, what his dreams were, and how much he hated being involved in her abduction. He told her, where she was being held, and that it was closed for renovations. Morris vowed he did not know from the beginning, what Corbat had been planning, and she believed him.

Before her left her earlier, Jessica told him where her gun was hidden. She knew in her heart, that the boy’s life was in danger. More so, than hers. He was a victim, just like she was. She wanted him to be able to protect himself in case Corbat turned on him. She had told him she was certain it would happen.

Morris knew what kind of man Corbat was. He listened intently, when Jessica had told him, that men like Corbat, wouldn’t leave any evidence behind, that tied him to her abduction.

Morris hadn’t argued that point. The poor kid was scared out of his wits. And, so was she. She just couldn’t show how much she was. She had to be strong for the two of them.

She also knew that Corbat had something else up his sleeve, by the snide remarks he had made, after her call with Bryan ended. She just didn’t know, what it was.

After Morris left, she fell back into the routine, she had created for herself, so she wouldn’t go stir crazy. She cleared more stones as best she could from the area, where she stretched out to sleep. It took her the longest time to do even that, being so constricted with her hands and ankles bound. Her fingertips were sore from digging. Her fingernails were broken. It kept her busy though and helped to pass the time.

She took a break often and attempted to move about. It was difficult, because the surface was uneven and wearing one-inch heels, didn’t make it any easier. She lost her balance many times and fell on her hands and knees. The palms of her hands were cut and bleeding. Her pants were torn and her knees were scraped.