A Pawn for Malice(60)

By: Cynthia Roberts

Didn’t matter any. He was getting what he asked for. Now, that he switched the plan to suit his fancy, and collecting another two mill from the Senator, he was gonna be set for life.

“There you go doubting me again. I told ya, how many times now, everything went off without a hitch? She’s being watched. No one knows she’s there. I called Gallagher back at eleven like I said I would, and let him talk to her. If you came in yesterday, you would have had her by now and; I’d be the fuck out of here. She’s yours tonight like you planned so, chill the hell out.”

The man snickered, pleased as punch, that his plan was playing out nicely.

“For a smart man, Gallagher certainly fell for the bullshit you fed him.”

Sy shrugged, as he looked at the guy across from him and replied nonchalantly. “I can be real convincing, when I want too.”

This guy, was one shrewd bastard. He talked kind of funny, but Sy knew he could afford just about anything from the way he dressed and the car he rented out in the parking lot. If the diamond on his pinky finger was any larger, the fucker wouldn’t be able to raise it high enough to pick the buggers from his nose. Thinking about it made him snicker.

“You want to share what’s so funny?”

“Just the fact the almighty Senator thinks I did all this, because of my fucking brother. That prick Tallon firing me, just made the story sweeter and more convincing.”

“And the Caverns are still on lock down?”

Sy tested his coffee to see, if it had cooled enough to take a sip. It was, and he sucked down two, long gulps, before answering.

“Renovations will be going on for another two weeks, before they can open. Workers are all gone by five. I’ll have her up top after ten, just to make sure. She’ll be in room two-eighteen, tied and spread out for ya. What you do with her, after I’m paid and gone, I could give a shit. Just make sure you got my cash as agreed.”

His associate took a money clip from his pant pocket.

Sy nearly gasped from its thickness, as the guy thumbed through hundreds and twenties, until he pulled a ten-dollar bill from the wad and threw it down on the table.

He scooted back his chair, stood, and gazed down at him and directed with authority, before stepping away, “Don’t keep me waiting. Ten o’clock, and not a second later.”

Sy took his time finishing his coffee and exited the diner, as he called Morris on his cell.

“Ya,” the kid answered nervously.

“You feed her?”

“Just now. Boss was real pissed about something. Said not to come back in, until tomorrow. I don’t like this. It ain’t right.”

“Don’t matter what you like, or don’t like, boy. Keep your mouth shut, and do as I say, or you die. Plain and simple. Besides, I don’t need you, no more. She’ll be gone tonight.”

The kid hesitated a moment, before he pressed on. “Can’t leave her down there all day without checking on her. What if some’thin happens ta her?”

“Ain’t nothing gonna happen,” Sy blared, losing his patience. “She’s been fine all along, hasn’t she? She’s got the lantern. She’s been fed. I’ll be getting her out of there by ten.” He disconnected the line without further argument, and entered his car to leave.



Jessica hated the way she smelled. She wanted nothing more than to soak in a bubble bath, until her skin pruned up. If it wasn’t for the two packets of tissues she had in her bag, she’d be smelling worse from squatting and relieving herself down here. Even, that smell, was getting to her. As much as she tried to find an area far enough from where she sat and slept, it didn’t prove far away enough.

She wanted to punch Corbat square in the month, when he came to visit her last night. She hadn’t seen him, since her abduction. He never told her, why he was removing the cuffs from her ankles. All he did was keep poking her back, and pushing her forward along a thin path she didn’t know even existed, that led out of the chamber she was kept in. Her legs were weak and she had a hard time standing, let alone walking. Every time she fell, he dragged her by the collar of her suit coat.

God! How she hated the son of a bitch. If only her hands were free. If only the circulation in her limbs hadn’t been cut off for so long, she could have disabled him.

It wasn’t until they were in cell range, that the reason for her tortuous journey above ground made sense. Hearing Bryan’s voice, made it all worthwhile. His voice was like a caress. It gave her hope. It made her believe in the possibility of seeing the light of day once more. That’s all she thought about on her trip back down into darkness.