A Case of You:Suncoast Society(11)

By: Tymber Dalton

“That’s it,” Jeff said. “Good boy.”

He finally coaxed Stuart onto his feet and once against fisted his cock. Jeff wished he could drop to his knees and reciprocate in kind, but that wouldn’t be possible this morning with how much pain he was in.

Jeff kissed Stuart as he jacked his cock, taking his time and building him up, loving the way Stuart got into it. His whole body tensed and he held on to Jeff’s shoulders, his lower lip caught under his teeth, eyes focused on Jeff’s.

“That’s my good boy. Show me how it feels. Give it to me.”

Stuart’s fingers dug in, but that was the good kind of pain Jeff would gladly tolerate. Especially when Stuart came. His juices slicked Jeff’s hand as he stroked him, not stopping at first, until Stuart’s tell-tale whine started, the sweetly adorable desperation that Jeff knew marked the point of too-much, but he’d take it.

Because he was their good boy.

Jeff stopped and Stuart immediately grabbed his hand and brought it up to his mouth, licking and sucking his juices from Jeff’s fingers.

Jeff cupped his other arm around Stuart’s shoulders and cuddled him close. “Good boy. My very good boy.”

Jeff heard the bathroom door open. “The girls have left. Room for one more?” Brandon asked.

“Of course, Master.”

He stepped in, smiling, kissing Jeff and then Stuart. “All better?”

Stuart let out a happy sigh, his eyes falling closed as he snuggled against Jeff. Brandon wrapped his arms around Stuart from behind, sandwiching him between them.

“You are almost going to be running late,” he said to Stuart. “And someone needs to eat breakfast and take his morning meds.” Brandon’s blue gaze fixed on Jeff.

“Yes, Master,” Jeff said.

Brandon patted Stuart on the ass. He usually jumped into the shower in the mornings only long enough to wake up, since he always needed a shower when he got home from work anyway.

Usually, he got in with Brandon, or Jeff, if he was up, to scrub their back or work in a quick snuggle.

Starting his morning right.

Stuart finally straightened and kissed Jeff, then Brandon, before one final rinse and climbing out to dry off and go shave in the third bathroom, where the mirror wasn’t steamed up.

Brandon stepped in to hug Jeff. “Better?”

“Thanks.” He let Brandon hold him, his head resting against Brandon’s shoulder. “Why do you guys put up with me when I get like that?”

“Because we love you and couldn’t get by without you. And thank you for taking care of that with him. I know it made him feel better.” He nuzzled the top of Jeff’s head. “I wish I could stand here with you longer, but I need to go pick up Tracey and drive her to work.” After one more kiss, he turned them so Brandon stood under the spray and started getting his shower. “You need to take your morning meds and try to eat something before your appointment.”

Jeff was getting out when Stuart returned, shaved, a towel wrapped around his hips. In one hand he carried a glass of water, and in the other he had the pill caddy with Jeff’s meds.

“Thank you, buddy.”

Stuart brightened. “You’re welcome.”

Jeff snagged Stuart’s hand before he could get away, pulling him in for a kiss. “Love you.”

Stuart’s smile brightened even more, finally driving away the shadows in Jeff’s heart. “Love you, too.”

As he sighed and started to take the pills and capsules, one by one, he knew he was lucky, all things considered.

He just wished his happy ending hadn’t come with this crappy string attached.

Chapter Four

Despite the little hiccup that morning, Stuart didn’t let it ruin his mood. He’d left the house happy that he’d been able to bring Jeff some pleasure to offset his pain, and wishing he could do more for Jeff.

He was halfway to work when his cell phone rang. He almost didn’t answer it, because it wasn’t one of the custom ring tones he used for Brandon, Jeff, or the girls, until he saw it was his sister Eileen calling. Two years older than him, she was the second youngest of the four siblings.

With his gut suddenly tensing in a bad way, he answered the call. “Hey, what’s up?”