A Case of You:Suncoast Society(10)

By: Tymber Dalton

“I mean it. When I get like this, call me out on it.”

“You can’t help it.”

“I can help it. I also need to be reminded of it.” He raked his nails along Stuart’s scalp the way he knew their little subby boy loved. “How about I grab a shower with you this morning?”


“Yeah, really. Hot water might make me feel a little better. Please get me a pair of shorts from my room, and grab your coffee and bring it in. I’ll get the shower started, and you meet me there.” He tipped Stuart’s head up before crooking a finger at him to stand.

When Stuart did, Jeff reached between Stuart’s legs, palming his cock through the sleeping shorts he wore.

He hardened immediately.

Jeff gently squeezed. “I’ll give you a little morning reward for putting up with my grumpy ass. How’s that sound?”

Finally, a genuine smile from Stuart. “Thank you. I’ll be right back.” He brushed a kiss across Jeff’s lips and hurried for the bedroom door after Jeff released his cock.

Crisis averted.

Bonus—Stuart wouldn’t be there to see how much it hurt him trying to stand up again.

* * * *

Jeff had made it into the shower by the time Stuart returned and joined him in the bathroom. He pulled Stuart under the spray with him and kissed him, not bothering to wonder where Brandon was.

He knew.

Brandon was giving him this time alone with Stuart to make amends, repair the tiny rift before it could become a big one.

Smart fucking man, that husband of mine.

Jeff suspected Brandon and Stuart hadn’t made love last night. Brandon had fallen into an unspoken pattern of making sure if the three of them didn’t make love that the one not involved was okay with that.

Which the third always was. Lately, he was nearly always that third, and it was because he hurt too much to do more than watch.

Another point, that usually Brandon made love to Stuart there, in bed with Jeff, so Jeff could still be part of things in some way.

Although, sometimes, Brandon set up little interludes like this for him and Stuart. Lately, those had happened few and far between.

Again, his stupid, painful, uncooperative body to blame there.

Jeff reached down and fisted Stuart’s cock, which had softened only a little. “A quick one before work?” Stuart’s flesh hardened in his hand.

His sweet green eyes stared up at Jeff as he smiled and sank to his knees in front of him. “Only if I can take care of you, first.”

When his own cock stirred, Jeff knew this time, at least, he’d be able to participate. “Deal.”

Stuart’s eager mouth engulfed his prick. Hot, sweet, wet, Stuart’s tongue perfectly tracing every ridge and sucking just the right amount to finish hardening him to full length.

It’d been over a week since Jeff had felt like fooling around, and that had been little more than Brandon holding him in bed while Stuart went down on him before the two of them had fucked. So he damn sure wasn’t going to turn up his nose at this opportunity.

Jeff leaned back against the wall, cuffed his hands around Stuart’s head and let him go to town. Bobbing his lips up and down Jeff’s shaft, Stuart reached up and cupped Jeff’s balls with one hand and reached behind him with the other. Jeff widened his stance while Stuart’s finger burrowed between Jeff’s ass cheeks and found his rim.

“Fuck, yeah, boy,” Jeff whispered. “Right there.”

Stuart gently rubbed his rim, just enough pressure to make it feel really good while his other hand lightly tugged on his balls exactly the way Jeff loved.

Stuart always knew what they loved. He’d spent his months with them learning them from the inside out, it felt like, wanting to please them.

Wanting to be perfect for them.

He loved them perfectly.

“Such a good boy,” Jeff said. “This one’s all for you.” And it didn’t take long. He hadn’t had his morning meds yet, nothing to upset his stomach, and he was reasonably vertical.

Jeff’s orgasm built before finally cresting, breaking, warm pleasure sweeping through his system, the good kind of ache as his cum pumped into Stuart’s awaiting mouth. Stuart’s happy moans rolled through Jeff’s cock and balls and he cradled the man’s head against his abs.