A Case of You:Suncoast Society

By: Tymber Dalton

Life is starting to settle down for Brandon, Jeff, and Stuart. Raising a teenaged daughter frequently tests the limits of Brandon’s patience, until he meets some of Stuart’s family. Now he understands why Stuart craves the stability of their unusual poly pack.

Stuart doesn’t want to miss his sister’s wedding, but he’s terrified of his oldest brother. It’s hard not to worry about their safety. Add becoming a parent to Emma, and Jeff’s health issues, and Stuart’s stress is through the roof.

Jeff knows his guys love him. Yet when a chance to return to work comes along, he’s desperate to take it so he doesn’t feel like a mooch. Only one problem—Emma and Grace will rat him out if his health tanks again. Can he juggle a job and a severe, chronic health condition? Worse, when danger rears its head, can he protect his family?

Add Grace and her barbecue fork of doom, and life proves even more…interesting.


For Hubby for putting up with me. For Sir, because He knows why.

Thanks to Trish for talking me off ledges, Lucille for egging us on, Bill for keeping us all out of jail, Elke and Mark for the fun and IKEA pervertible runs, Norma for the nommies, Tim for the smiles, Bree and Felyx (because I warned you I’d put you in a book, and technically the Dedication counts as “in” the book), and to all my other adopted family and friends who keep me going when I don’t think I can take another step.

I love all of y’all. You have no idea how much.

Chapter One

Jeff moaned where he lay facedown on the bed. “Oh, my gaaawwwd. That feels soooo good.”

“Does it hurt?” Stuart asked.

“Yeah, but it’s the good kind of pain.” Jeff wrapped his fingers around Stuart’s hand and held on tightly. “Ooohhhh.”

Brandon sat on Jeff’s other side, on the edge of the bed. “Are you okay, buddy?” He brushed the hair from Jeff’s face. Jeff’s eyes were squeezed closed, his face contorted in a grimace.

“Uh-huh. Please don’t stop!” Jeff let out another noise that sounded like a cross between misery and an orgasm.

“If it’s too intense,” Nate said, “let me know.” He adjusted another pressure cup on Jeff’s right shoulder.

“No, it’s great,” Jeff said. “Seriously.”

Jeff now had six of the cups on his shoulders, three on each side, each one with an acupressure pointer in it.

“Once I see how you respond to this,” Nate said, “we can maybe try fire cupping next time. But we can’t do that on a bed for safety reasons. I’d bring in my massage table and we’d do you in the living room or on the lanai. Someplace with tile floors, preferably.”

Emma and Grace watched from where they sat perched on the end of the bed. “That’s really cool,” Emma said. “I know all of us on the swim team were watching the reports about Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics getting that done. Is that hard to learn how to do?”

“Well, it’s not rocket science,” Nate said. “To do it therapeutically, it does take some study. I mean, you can buy a kit yourself and learn how to do it. The kits are less than a hundred dollars. I do not recommend trying fire cupping without getting properly trained first. You can seriously hurt someone if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, sure, with the pressure cups there’s not the same risk. You just put them where they will give him the most relief for whatever it is you’re trying to help.”

Jeff let out a long, low moan as Nate placed another cup, this time lower on Jeff’s back, to the left of his spine.

“That is sooo good,” Jeff mumbled into the bed. “Seriously good.”

“Happy to help. I wish you’d called me in sooner. Like I tell one of my other stubborn friends, who is also a client, don’t wait for the pain to get so bad you can’t function. That only makes it harder to recover. You should probably be seeing me at least twice a week right now, as bad off as you are.”

“I didn’t know I was as bad as I am until I couldn’t get out of bed this morning.”

“We have an appointment with his doctor tomorrow,” Brandon said. “I already called off work. I’m driving him. I think he crashed himself yesterday by doing too much out in the yard, then this change of weather on top of that finished him off.”