A Splash of Hope(30)

By: Charity Parkerson

Faith was off the bed and back, removing the restraints before the warmth of her skin left his. As soon as he was free, he had her crushed beneath him. Without giving her time to catch her breath, he snaked his forearm underneath her knee. Lifting it up, he entered her in one motion. Their kiss was as fierce as their lovemaking while they both fought for dominance. She bit his bottom lip as her nails scored his back. He gave her everything he had. Her hot, tight heat squeezed him and his balls drew up almost painfully with his need to come inside her, but he wasn’t going anywhere without her. She moaned and her muscles spasmed. Her orgasm caused him to lose control. As the pleasure rolled down his back, he let her leg fall to the bed. Cupping her face in his hands, he gentled his kiss. His heart turned over in his chest as reality crashed down on him. Faith was here, in his arms and his bed. Even as he rolled to his side and tucked her body in close to his, he couldn’t believe the woman who was buried so deeply under his skin was finally going to belong to him.

He could tell by Faith’s steady breathing that she was almost asleep, but a slight panic built up inside him as he realized how much he now stood to lose. He was almost scared to sleep. What if it turned out to be a dream and she was gone when he awoke? “Promise me you won’t disappear on me again,” he whispered into her hair.

Faith gave his arm a tired pat. “I’m not going anywhere. There’s this new bakery in town. It has the most delicious desserts I’ve ever tasted. You know how much I love to eat.”

Adam felt a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth at her answer. He held her a little tighter than was necessary, but for the first time in a long time, he felt hopeful about the future.


The cold wind bit at the back of Tristan’s neck as he sat huddled against the harsh winter air, on a concrete bench beside Harmony’s grave.

“Guess what I did today?” he asked, uncaring if anyone was watching him speak to a headstone.

“I watched Faith marry Adam Monroe. Not only did I watch, I guess I also had a hand in it since I was the one who married them.” Tristan smiled as he spoke into the empty air. “She looked beautiful and it seems Adam isn’t too bad of a guy after all. I guess you already knew that.”

Another gust of wind tugged at the edges of Tristan’s coat. He barely registered the dip in temperature.

“I always assumed the Monroe men were heartless, but now they’re married to our baby sisters, and you know what? I think they really love them.”

Tristan watched as a snowflake floated to ground, carefully avoiding the sight of his wife’s grave. He came to visit her almost every day, but he was never able to stare directly at her name etched into stone. She’d been so young and she didn’t belong there. “I miss you a lot today,” he whispered, but the sound was carried away on the wind.

The End…for now…