Your Forever Love (The Bennett Family #3)(102)

By: Layla Hagen

“Hey.” Blake appears at my other side. “Shotgun wedding, shotgun bachelor party. What did you girls do for your party?”

“None of us got a hangover the next day,” Alice answers from behind the boys. “But I have muscle cramps.”

“Yeah,” Nadine chimes in. “Safe to say we can dub it The Night All Girls Went Wild.”

Blake nods, impressed. “I’d call our party The Night the Party Brothers Behaved, and the Serious Brothers Went Wild.”

Max scoffs. “I’m going to shortcut that to The Night I Can’t Remember.”

“On my count,” the photographer says, and we all turn to him, smiling. He takes a number of shots, some with the group, some with just Eric and me.

After the photo session, we all walk toward the tent, chatting happily.

“Ready for the first dance?” Eric asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

“No funny moves,” I warn him, remembering our wild dance at Sebastian and Ava’s wedding. We rehearsed the first dance, but who knows what ideas my man has.

As Eric walks over to the DJ, Nadine appears by my side, rubbing her palms. “So, who’s next? I’m starting to like this matchmaking game.”

“Logan and I made a bet,” Sebastian says, appearing at my other side with Logan.

“Since when are you making bets on this?” I ask. Logan shrugs, a devilish smile on his lips. Since Alice’s guy is still a world away, and Summer is too young, I will concentrate on my brothers.

Across the dance floor, the two sets of twins are engaged in a heated discussion. I wonder who’s ready for the next step. The party twins, Blake and Daniel, are still a tad too young. But I’m seeing possibilities for the serious twins, Max and Christopher, especially since Max is back from London for good. Nadine follows my gaze, grinning.

“Max,” we say at the same time.