You May Kiss the Bride(112)

By: Lisa Berne

Rheumatism—Mrs. Ambercrombie—chamomile? Cat’s claw?

Order new parcel of books

Sheep & rupturing blisters—research. Cause, treatment?

Visit northern cow pasture tomorrow

Gift for Mother’s birthday?

Start sewing baby things

Gealag—to be shoed next week

NEW RUSHES brought in tomorrow WITHOUT FAIL

And so it went. Today she would visit old Osla Tod. Tomorrow she would cross off as many items as she could from her list. The next day, she would do the same. And the day after that as well. There was, after all, a kind of comfort in knowing what the weeks and months ahead would bring.

But Fiona was wrong.

Five days later, the letter came—the letter that would change everything.