Yes, Justin(3)

By: Michele Zurlo

He brushed his teeth and steeled his nerves. She wanted this. He wanted this. Finding that invitation from Oasis in his in-box had changed his life. He didn’t know how they came up with the idea to contact him, but he thanked his lucky stars they hadn’t paired her with another person whose wish happened to match hers. While he would never have thought to contact a place like Oasis—or do half the things she’d put on the questionnaire they’d handed him at that first training session—his wife had. Someone there had recognized her cry for help and sought him out.

At first, he had been upset that his wife wanted to cheat on him. Then he realized her description of the guy she wanted to dominate her matched him perfectly. Reading her answers, he had been surprised she didn’t ask for someone with a scar on his left knee and a right earlobe that was a little smaller than the left. She didn’t want some nameless, faceless stranger. She wanted him.

Well, she was going to have him. And he was going to have her.

He kissed his girls good-bye and stifled a growl when Trish turned her cheek to him, denying him the pleasure of her lips. That was the last time he would allow that kind of behavior. Knowing she wanted him to push her on these issues gave him all the permission he needed.

He put his suitcase into his car and headed for the rental place to change his SUV for the one Oasis had reserved for their trip. It would give Trish time to settle the girls at her parents’ house and walk to the pickup location.

Oasis had sent her a list of items to bring along in the bag they’d provided. She couldn’t bring her own purse, not that it mattered. It was full of receipts and to-do lists, evidence of the life she wanted to escape.

She rummaged through the bag to make sure everything was there, locked up the house, and walked the three blocks to the main road bordering her subdivision on the north side. The sun shone brightly in one of those wonderful spring days that made her want to run barefoot in the grass. She wore jeans and a tank top, as per the instructions, and tennis shoes.

She didn’t feel sexy or desirable. She didn’t feel like anything other than the thirty-six-year-old mother of two who could no longer wear the same sizes she had when she was a teen. A sigh whooshed from between her lips as she stopped at the appointed location. The strip mall boasted a pharmacy, a sports bar, and a quick oil-change station. She stood on the narrow sidewalk between the pharmacy and the road, keeping the pale brick wall at her back.

A black SUV stopped on the road in front of her. Patricia held her breath. The instructions said he would be driving a black SUV. She wondered what he would look like, this mystery man whose fantasy matched hers.

The light turned green, and the SUV turned the corner and disappeared. Patricia’s shoulders drooped, an outward sign of her nervousness and disappointment.

Suddenly, the world went black. A hand clamped over her mouth to muffle her impending shriek. Her heart beat fast, but she willed her body to calm down. This was what she wanted. She had asked to be kidnapped by a dominant stranger. He was going to spend the weekend using her body for his pleasure.

The paperwork she had filled out specified the kinds of things to which she consented: kidnapping, bondage, spankings, and a whole host of sexual things she had always wanted to try. These were things she had been too ashamed to share with Justin. Even if he still cared for her sexually, he wouldn’t understand this side of her desire.

“Patricia?” The gruff voice sent shivers down her spine. His chest pressed against her back. He was roughly the same size and build as Justin, just as she had specified in her application.

His hand remained over her mouth. Wordlessly, she nodded. Her head didn’t move all that much, but she knew he felt the motion of her confirmation.

“I’m going to release you. Don’t turn around or move until I tell you to do so. Do you understand?” He whispered the words in a sexy, husky voice.

A thrill ran from her belly to her pussy. She craved this kind of danger. She nodded again. He removed his hands.

Light flooded her eyes, blinding her to the empty road in front. She took a deep breath through her mouth, and the darkness returned. This time, a silky blindfold pressed against her forehead and cheeks. He adjusted the elastic strap behind her head.

“Can you see?”

Patricia shook her head. No light peeked in from any point. The swatch of silk hugged the curves of her cheeks and molded to the bridge of her nose.

“I’m going to guide you to the car. Follow my directions exactly. From this point forward, you are slave, and I am Sir. The safe word is ‘oasis.’ Do you understand?” He spoke this directive in a gravelly whisper, telling her things she already knew. She had chosen the safe word and the terms by which they would be known. He had obviously studied the paperwork.