Worth the fight(8)

By: Vi Keeland

His response is quick, I feel like I’m at a deposition and I’m the one being deposed. “Why not?”

“Because it wouldn’t be right.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not really.”

“Then why wouldn’t it be right?” Nico flashes the crooked smile and I know before he speaks whatever he says will be something flirty. “I think it would be very right.”

His crooked smile makes me smile and I lose my train of thought. Very unlike me.

“It’s complicated.” Those two little words would scare away most men, but apparently not Nico Hunter.

“Okay, let me hear it. I’ll help you sort out the complication so we can get it out of the way.” Nico leans back further into the couch, crossing one leg over the other, settling in for the story. Really?

“Well…you’re William’s client.”

“And you said the other day you weren’t a couple, right?”

“We’re not.” I’m being honest, I don’t think of William as my boyfriend. Boyfriend implies relationship, more than just good friends who satisfy each other’s sexual needs occasionally. But my answer isn’t totally truthful either. “I mean, not really.”

“Okay. He unfolds his arms and settles them on his knees as he leans forward. “So where’s the complication?” He looks directly into my eyes for a minute before he continues. “In the not really?”

I blush, I’m not sure if he realizes what I’m saying or not. “Yes.” I hold his gaze when I respond, determined not to back down.

Nico assesses me and takes in my embarrassment. It’s emanating from me, even though I’m reaching deep for my calm, cool and collected persona. I can’t seem to hide what I’m feeling from him, he won’t allow it, and I have no idea why I let him control me. I can’t help myself around this man and it makes me feel unraveled. “Let me take you to dinner. Just dinner. I’ll be a perfect gentleman. Scout’s honor.” He holds up his hand and three fingers.

I furrow my brow at him. “Were you even a scout?”

“Yes.” He says the word without conviction. I squint and look at his face with disbelief. He knows I can tell he is leaving out something.

“Okay, so it was only for a day. My brother and I got into a fight and got kicked out at the second meeting. But it still counts. I was a scout.”

I smile at him, amused at his attestation, assessing the sincerity with which he spoke. “Why?”

“Why what?” The confusion on his face is evident.

“Why do you want to have dinner with me?”

Nico takes a slow, assessing gaze up and down my body, making no attempt to hide his blatant assault. He gives me a boyish smile that has an edge of sexual undertones to it before he speaks. “Aside from the obvious, that you’re gorgeous?”

I blush, but force myself to remain quiet. A good negotiator knows when to keep quiet and let their opponent squirm to fill the silence.

“You’re smart and confident and the people around you seem to love you.” He stops and watches me, I can tell he is deciding to continue. “And when I look in your eyes I see a little light flicker…”

He pauses for a second. I look at him, but still don’t speak.

“And for the last twenty four hours all I could think about was what it would take for me to turn that flicker into a flame.”

Holy. Shit. I stare at him for a long moment. My mind is spinning, but I already knew my decision before he even spoke. I stand, silently signaling the end of our conversation. Nico stands and joins me. Waiting patiently for my response.


He smiles, and I’m caught in his boyish charm. “Okay?” I think I’ve actually surprised him.

I smile back and raise an eyebrow, daring him to question my answer.

“Friday, 7pm. Give me your address. I’ll pick you up.”

“I’m barely done by 7pm. Why don’t you pick me up here?”

And just like that I made dinner plans with Nico “The Lady Killer” Hunter.

Chapter 5


“You give any more thought to taking on Kravitz?” Preach stands on the other side of the bag, struggling to hold it in place as I alternate between kicking and punching. He’s been bugging the shit out of me for four months now. It’s been thirteen months since I stepped out of the cage and today was the first day that I didn’t wake up in a cold sweat reliving it since it happened. Nope. Instead I woke up with a hard-on and a picture of Elle smirking at me, daring me to question what had made her change her mind about going out with me. I took a cold shower. It didn’t fucking help. So instead I came down to the gym and started earlier than usual.