Working Stiff:Casimir (Runaway Billionaires #1)(4)

By: Blair Babylon

Some of the women threw themselves at him, hoping for another taste. He usually accepted their offers, but the ghosting came sooner the second time or the third. Some of them stared at the floor and mumbled around him, stealing glances at his chest or lower, but dodged when he came too close, unwilling to go through it again.

It was a matter of concentration and efficiency, really. The women imagined his hands taking the sheaves of paper from their fingers for hours, imagining a brush or a touch, and failed to get the damn work done.

And so Rox made out like a proverbial bandit.

She had bought herself an awesome sports car last month even though she knew she should be saving for a down payment on a house, and she grinned just thinking about the drive back to her apartment.

But sleep with beautiful, brilliant Cash Amsberg?


And he had never hit on her, anyway. Not even once. Not even a little bit.

Not in any serious way. He joked around a lot.

But she could tell that he was just joking. It was pretty obvious.

Cash wasn’t particularly a chubby chaser, anyway. Not only could he have any woman whom he wanted, he actually had them all, one after another.

“Well, talk to Patty anyway,” he said, poking the Watson contract again. “See if she’ll do it for you.”

Rox flicked the red plastic tag hanging onto the margin of the page. The sparkling stones in her wedding rings caught the afternoon sunlight streaming through the windows and threw spangles over the office for a moment, illuminating the heavy desk and running down Cash’s bare arms.

He saw the glitter on his arm, tracked the points of light to her rings, and shifted his weight away from her.

There was only one type of woman that Cash Amsberg was not interested in.

He did not hit on married women, not even once, not even a little.

Rox said, “Fine. I’ll call Patty and see if she wants to grab a drink after work today.”

Cash said, “We appreciate you taking one for the team.”

And that was the only way that Rox was going to take one for the team of Arbeitman, Silverman, and Amsberg. “Yeah, whatevs.”

Cash smiled at her, his lush lips sliding apart over his straight, white teeth, and his green eyes sparkled with humor. “Thanks, work-wife. Have I told you that I love you today?”

That time, Rox let it happen, and the muscles at the corners of her eyes strained from her epic eye-rolling. “I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.”

He laughed, his broad shoulders lifting. “Only you, Rox. You’re my rock.”

“Yeah, the ball and chain holding you in this law firm. If it weren’t for me, you would probably be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by now, writing learned opinions about which of the lawyers arguing the case in front of you was better in bed, the redhead with the fake boobs or the black woman with the low-cut top.”

He was laughing harder now. “Surely I’m not so bad as all that.”

“Worse. You’d probably have all the lawyers, the women ones anyway, in your chambers in some sort of a horrible orgy on your huge law desk, and then they’d all kiss and make up and dismiss the case. It would be the only Supreme Court session where absolutely no decisions were handed down, and you would go down in history as the Screw It All Court.”

Casimir fell backward onto the couch, his long legs splayed, both his arms wrapped over his stomach and giggling helplessly. “Stop.”

“All right, fine. But seriously, at least with me, you get the work done.”

“Yes, I can trust you.” He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and shaking his head. “Now, did Bessie from Universal send us the DiCaprio contract yet?”

“Yep. Got it this morning.” She waved her phone, indicating email.

“When can I see it?”

“Soon as I read it and flag it.”

“This evening, then?”

“Not if I’m gonna be pimping Patty for information about Monty.”

He shrugged, his white shirt sliding over the thick muscles of his chest and arms and straining around his tight waist. “Come back afterward. We can get delivery from that new Thai place around the corner and go over it.”

Rox waggled her left hand at him, letting the stones in her rings catch the sunlight again and trying to flash the spangles in those brilliant green eyes of his. “I’ve got to see my own husband sometimes. I’ll check out the file before I leave so I can look at it when I get home.”