Working Stiff:Casimir (Runaway Billionaires #1)(3)

By: Blair Babylon

When he turned his head, gazing into her soul and her heating chest and her very cells, she gripped her mouse like she might fall off her office chair.

She had wiped beads of sweat off the mouse afterward where she had clutched it.

Stunning, she thought later, when her brain had rebooted. He was stunning. Looking at him made the world stop.

No wonder he could get away with loving ‘em and leaving ‘em.

“Why?” Rox had finally asked Melanie, one of the beautiful-blonde admins. Rox could tell Melanie apart from the rest of the herd of golden beauties by the strawberry highlights in her hair. “Why would women have casual sex with him if he’s just going to dump them like that?”

“Well,” Melanie had mused, and her smile turned sentimental and vague. “He’s never a jerk about it. There’s never a fight. There’s no drama. He never calls a woman a slut afterward, ever, or says anything bad about her to anyone, as far as we can tell, and we all talk a lot. He won’t even confirm or deny anything. And he’s,” she cleared her throat, “attentive.”

Rox frowned. “Like, he listens to you?”

“Yeah, that, too.” Melanie twiddled with a piece of paper on her desk and wouldn’t look at Rox.

“You mean that he told you that he loved you?”

“Oh, no. He’s not mushy at all. A good time is had by all, but he doesn’t lie about what’s going on. He doesn’t talk about ‘love’ at all.”

“But there’s something else,” Rox prompted. “He’s attentive—”

Mel cleared her throat. “In bed. I mean, you know. He’s good in bed.”

Rox shrugged, wanting to reach over and snatch that shredded paper away from the blonde. “A lot of guys are good in bed.”

Mel glanced up at Rox, her blue eyes serious and direct. “Not like him.”

Rox had tugged her sundress lower on her thighs the whole afternoon that first day, but after that, Rox had worn professional-class suits, either skirts or pants, but definitely suits, and wedding rings.

Since then, in the three years that Rox had worked with Cash as his paralegal, he had humped and dumped at least fifty women, and those were just the ones she knew about for sure. The actual number was probably higher.

He didn’t seem to have a “type,” either. He liked the skinny-willowy ones and the shortie-curvy ones, the pale redheads and the delicate blondes and the gorgeous raven-haired, the porcelain-skinned and the golden-tanned and the cocoa-dusted, the nubile nineteen-year-old interns and the silver-fox lady partners, and all the women in between.

Cash even sent out discreet, non-threatening sexual feelers to the seven lesbians who worked at the law office, just in case any of them were actually a little more toward the center of Kinsey scale than they had previously thought themselves. One was. For two and a half weeks, Ginger declared herself bi-for-a-guy, which is not the usual meaning of that term but she owned it. She got along with Cash better than any of the other women, afterward.

Rox had watched them all traipse into Cash’s bed and then out of his life.

All the admins stared at Cash with weepy doe eyes. All the other paralegals teared up or blushed when they saw him stride through the office. The women attorneys were businesslike and courteous to him, but their glances turned sharp when he wasn’t looking.

The clients, however, still flocked to him, flirted with him, and went for round two in record numbers.

And then he ghosted them again.

The actresses didn’t seem to care much about his retreats. They were used to ninety-day shoots, so to speak.

The models probably didn’t have the attention span to notice his absence.

And, for some unholy reason, the guys in the office loved him. You would think that, with Cash sopping up all the available women, that the men would be competitive or derogatory, but they were all bestest buds with him. He was a great guy, always up to go have a beer with, or to watch a game with, or to be on a league team with.

He charmed them, too.

But Rox was the only person in the office who could work with him.

Now, after three years, every time Rox went in for quarterly evaluations with the senior partners, her paycheck fattened, just by her suggesting that she might be looking at other, less tempestuous law firms. They couldn’t let her leave, not with just about everyone else emotionally unable to work with Cash.